And then there’s Ann Kirkpatrick


by David Safier

Raúl Grijalva gave his usual strong, eloquent statement on the gun regulation issue (Man, can that guy speak, and write). Ron Barber is showing a willingness to take a prominent place in the discussion (I think he was on MSNBC a few minutes ago).

And then there's Representative-elect Ann Kirkpatrick. When the Star's Tim Steller asked "what her position is on a possible assault-weapons ban or a ban on selling high-capacity magazines," he got back the following reponse:

"We need everything and everyone at the table if we are going to engage in an earnest, productive conversation about taking action. I have always been a strong supporter of the Second Amendment right to responsibly bear arms. But we have to take a hard look at our safety laws and procedures, our mental-health system, and the ways that gun violence is afflicting our society."

If there's ever been a check-the-boxes statement that throws a crumb to every possible interest group and makes sure no one is offended, this is it. And that I find offensive. As a Democratic member of the House of Representatives, Kirkpatrick needs to be more than just "Not Paton."

I received all Kirkpatrick's campaign email, which means I should continue to get her media releases. Let's hope she's still in the process of clearing her throat and will make a better statement soon.


  1. I would remind Representative Kirkpatrick that when the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution was written, the only guns were muskets which had to be reloaded after firing ONE bullet