Andy Biggs Came; He Saw; He Voted against the People of CD 5 Again

He did it again.

Andy Biggs, the leader of the Freedom Ca…Circus and House Representative from Congressional District (CD) Five, voted against the fourth Coronavirus stimulus bill yesterday (April 23, 2020) in the House of Representatives.

That makes Biggs 0 for 4 in voting against measures that help the American People.

The other members of the Arizona House Delegation (including fringe figures like Debbie Lesko and Paul Gosar) voted for the bill. Biggs was one of only five “Representatives” who voted against the people’s interests.

On the previous stimulus bills to counter the adverse effects of the Coronavirus, Biggs offered varying rationales justifying his position. Those included not wanting to increase the national debt (these are not tax cuts after all) and not giving recognition to same-sex families.

On explaining yesterday’s decision, Mr. Biggs said he objected to the provisions concerning contact tracing. He commented:

“The bill failed to define these terms, which have been used to spy on Americans … It is reckless and dangerous for America’s leaders to not only sanction abuse of the rights of Americans but to borrow money to fund these violations.”

Biggs also reinforced his conviction that these measures were somehow enabling and that Arizona and the nation should open up again. He relayed:

“The current cure for the coronavirus is most definitely worse than the disease. Not only have we managed to create long-term economic and societal devastation for Americans due to the heavy-handed government response, Congress has added many trillions of dollars to our national debt and expanded our deficit. When we emerge from the health care response to this outbreak, we will be dealing with the consequences that we have inflicted upon ourselves for a very long time.”

Joan Greene, the Democratic Congressional District Five Nominee in 2018 and a candidate again in 2020 issued a statement which read:

“The House voted yesterday in favor of a $484 billion interim coronavirus relief bill.”

“There were only five NO votes.”

“Rep. Andy Biggs was one of them. Again.”

“In total, there have been four coronavirus bills passed by Congress since the pandemic began. Andy Biggs has voted against all four aid packages.”

“Each no vote was him standing against lifesaving masks, gloves, and medical equipment for our health care workers and hospitals.”

“Each no vote was him standing against helping our families and businesses weather the economic downturn as we social distance.”

“Andy Biggs is a risk to our health and security.”

“He does not belong in Congress.”

“In fact, only two members of the House have voted NO on all 4 packages. Andy’s track record isn’t one to be proud of.”

“AZ-05 and America deserve better.”

Matt Grodsky, the Communications Spokesperson for the Arizona Democratic Party also issued a statement which read:

“Yesterday the House of Representatives approved a $484 billion COVID-19 relief package for health-care providers, testing, and the struggling small-business loan program. Every member of Arizona’s delegation, Republican and Democrat, voted yes except for one.”

“True to form, Rep. Andy Biggs, who voted against previous COVID-19 relief bills, voted no on the stimulus package.”

“Biggs previously cited concern about the impact of the packages on the national debt, despite voting to support a trillion-dollar tax break to billionaires which inflated the national deficit.”

“Biggs also repeated his calls on governors to reopen their states and “free their citizens immediately”, ignoring health experts’ warnings against re-opening economies too soon.”

“Biggs keeps saying no to helping struggling Americans. The best thing Arizonans can do about this is to give Biggs a no of their own at the ballot box.”

Andy Biggs and all the science-denying fringe legislators who vote like him are not public servants and they need to be electorally defeated on November 3, 2020.

Please remember to register/sign up for the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL) in Arizona or any state that allows early or absentee balloting and mail in your vote by November 3, 2020.

Also, remember to check in with the Secretary of State’s office where you live to verify your mail-in ballot was received, processed, verified, and counted.

Please also remember to get any voter id a state or county office may need to process your ballot.

Please also remember, if you can, to support Clean Election Candidates with a small contribution.

Remember Election Day is 193 days away on November 3. 2020.

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