Andy Biggs put Personal Bigotry over People’s Lives during a Pandemic

Arizona Congressional District Five (and current Freedom Circus/Caucus leader) Representative Andy Biggs is a poor excuse for a public servant.

A public servant should put the needs of his constituents, no matter what race they belong to, what God they worship, what sexual orientation they subscribe to, over his or her own.

During a pandemic where people are becoming ill and, in some cases, dying every day, Andy Biggs put his personal bigotry above the needs of the people he serves when he voted (with 39 other Representatives, including Debbie Lesko) against the second Anti Coronavirus bill.

This bill, now passed by the Senate and signed by Mr. Trump would provide for free Coronavirus testing, paid sick and medical leave for some American workers, and more monies for unemployment insurance, Medicaid, and food stamps.

Two weeks ago, Biggs was one of only two Representatives who voted against the first Anti Coronavirus Bill. His reasoning: Fiscal Conservatism.

Who is going to worry about fiscal conservatism when people are dying.

Mr. Biggs set a new low with his reason for voting against the second Anti Coronavirus Bill.

During a radio interview with the conservative Family Research Council, Mr. Biggs “justified” his vote against the second Anti Coronavirus Bill by making same-sex families eligible for the paid family and medical leave provisions.

Let that sink in for a moment. A member of the House of Representatives in the Twenty-First Century let his personal prejudices sway his vote against a measure that would help millions of Americans weather this pandemic.

This is not just poor judgment.

This is not just poor public service.

This is disgusting and beneath contempt.

Joan Greene, the Democrat who ran against Biggs in 2018 and is looking to do so again, issued a scathing condemnation on social media, stating:

“My Grandmother was the 2nd woman to be elected, not once but twice, to the Phoenix City Council in the late 1960s.

My Grandfather was a beloved pediatrician who started an organization in the 1970’s so our low-income children had a place to go after school and health care.

My parents, my relatives, my siblings and all of you share the same value. The Community belongs to everyone. We do not discriminate.

A person is supposed to run for elected office because of a deep desire to improve the community and bring people together.

Imagine an elected person voting against funding to protect your family from illness and in some cases death. Imagine an elected person voting to cause your family financial hardship so you don’t know how you will pay the rent or feed your family or chances are you have to shutter your business.

All because the elected person’s hate was stronger than his duty to protect our families.

In Arizona District 5 we don’t have to imagine. The current Congressman Andy Biggs’ misogyny and his anti-LGBTQ extremism made this is our reality.

LGBTQ hate crimes and LGBTQ teen suicide are on the rise, discrimination under the guise of religious freedom are chipping away at the right to be safe and trying to destroy the legal rights.

I am the L in the LGBTQ community and I will not let Biggs’ hate go unchallenged.

Our Community deserves to be represented by a Congresswoman who will protect & stand with all our families.

Join me and let’s bring love and unity to AZ05.”

It is time for the people of Arizona Congressional District Five to defeat this flaming bigot and send him into retirement where he can no longer harm anyone with his reactionary, backward, and prejudiced views again.

There is no place in Arizona Congressional District Five, this state, and this country for people like Andy Biggs in public service.

Defeat them all at the ballot box.


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