Andy Biggs sees Civilization being restored; Joan Greene sees Fascism

Congressional District Five Representative and Freedom Circ..Caucus Chair Andy Biggs tweeted his opinion on Donald Trump’s dispersal of peaceful protestors (with tear gas) so he can have a photo op holding a Bible upside-down standing next to a church (St. Johns Episcopal) that he has spent less time at than playing golf on most weekends.

As Laurie Roberts recounted in her June 2, 2020 column, Mr. Biggs tweeted:

The Congressman released a more detailed statement where he expanded his support for Trump’s policies and placed the blame for these protests/riots on Antifa elements.


Apparently, Mr. Biggs did not see the reporting on White Supremacists posing as some Antifa protestors.

Where Andy Biggs sees Civilization being restored, his 2018 (and probable 2020) Democratic opponent Joan Greene sees Fascism.

Arizona 2020 Democratic Congressional District Five Candidate Joan Greene

Responding to a request to comment from Blog For Arizona, Ms. Greene wrote:

“Andy Biggs is pitting the women and men on the police force against the very communities they live in, go to church in, shop in, raise their families.”

“Andy Biggs does not want to uphold the 1st Amendment or heal our Nation. His inflammatory remarks are only to advance his and Trump’s agenda of fascism.”

“Biggs sees The Good Old Days being restored.”

Ms. Greene supplied a video to illustrate her interpretation of Bigg’s comments.

Both Ms. Greene and Mr. Biggs do not condone the behavior of violent looters and criminals. For example, both condemned the shooting death of retired Police Captain David Dorn although Biggs just retweeted others condemnation.

Ms. Greene, in response to a request from Blog for Arizona, wrote:

“The murder of Police Captain David Dorn is horrendous and heart-breaking. The person who shot Police Captain David Dorn must be found, brought to justice and the strictest penalty allowed by law must be enacted.”

“The person who is taking the video and not calling 911 is complicit and also must be prosecuted.”

“My heartfelt prayers go out to PoliceCaptain Dorn’s family.”

What the people of Arizona Congressional District Five and other congressional districts need to consider is what country do we want to live in?

The reality that Andy Biggs believes in which is a creeping Fascism or what Joan Greene and her supporters embrace: A Democratic Federal Republic.

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