Anita Malik Seeks To Make Congressional District Six Part of the Blue Wave

Democratic Congressional Six District Nominee Anita Malik

Progressive Democratic Congressional District Six candidate Anita Malik is running against embattled Republican incumbent David Schweikert. The sixth congressional district, which includes all or parts of Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Carefree Cave Creek, Fountain Hills, Glendale, and Phoenix is increasingly turning bluer and Democrats see this area as a potential opportunity to switch from a Republican-held seat to a Democratic one.

Making time during her busy campaign schedule, Ms. Malik, who had already interviewed with Blog for Arizona during the primary season, took part in a follow-up interview where she touched on the campaign and the issues facing the district and state. The questions and responses are below.

Please describe the three top issues the people want you to discuss the most when you meet with them.

“Under Congressman Schweikert’s leadership, middle class and working class families in our district have seen diminishing returns for their hard work. Whenever I meet with voters, they express to me that they are concerned about their personal and financial well-being, they are worried about health care, corruption, and the economy.”

Do the people have the same views that you have about your opponent? Please explain.

 “I talked with countless voters on the campaign trail, and the vast majority of the voters I had the privilege of talking to, are disappointed with Congressman Schweikert’s priorities in Congress. As his constituent, I am concerned and disappointed as well. Voters tell me that he’s out of touch, and frankly, I think that this sentiment grows because he refuses to hold town halls. When I talk to voters in our district, they voice their concerns for their future and the well-being of their families, concerns that have grown when Schweikert continues to vote against the middle class by taking away their health care while giving trillions of unfunded tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans. David’s voting record clearly demonstrates that he’s not fighting for our families, and this is further reinforced by his ongoing investigation for ethics violations.”

“Unlike my opponent, I am fighting to protect and expand universal health care to all Americans. We need to invest in our middle class and working class families population to fuel our economy. I believe that investments in public education and higher education, health care, and infrastructure will pay long-term dividends for generations to come. These dividends will reduce our national debt, increase wages and productivity and ensure a healthy population and workforce that can thrive into the future.”

Now that the primary is over, what are the three major get out the vote strategies are you utilizing to get people to remember to turn out?

 “Our campaign strategy emphasizes grassroots mobilization and outreach. We’re working hard to turn out voters by knocking on doors, putting up signs, holding meetings and events and writing postcards.”

Please describe your debate experiences with your opponent? Please advise.

“Despite his sometimes condescending tone, I enjoyed debating Congressman Schweikert on the issues that concern our district, but the voters of our district have the right to ask him questions as well.”

“I don’t believe that an hour of televised debate is sufficient enough to address the issues that voters care about, especially since Representative Schweikert has been in office for nearly a decade. Voters have the right to ask him questions about his votes, his priorities and his ongoing ethics violation. They have the right to express their concerns to ensure that they have a voice in Washington. He must hold town halls and must be open to accountability.”

 Your opponent and his allies will try (or already have) to paint your views and ideas as Socialistic and weak. Please advise how you would counter that.

“I know what I’m fighting for and I know what I stand for. I don’t subscribe to labels. I am simply here to fight for a better community and country.”

“Our campaign established the first competitive Democratic congressional campaign in our district. It takes strength to mobilize the grassroots, to refuse corporate PAC contributions and to fight for our community day and night.”

“I come from the business world and I believe that the best way to protect capitalism is to revive our democracy, to protect our democratic virtues and restore hope in our families. I believe that investing in our working class and middle-class families is the most valuable investment you can make. As Americans, I believe that we must invest in our economy, health care, education, and infrastructure and end the corrupting influences in Washington. We must take a stand for our American values to ensure that our nation continues to prosper.”

Have the Ross and McFadden supporters/teams come on board and united the Democrats in the district?

 “I am humbled by the support that I continue to receive from my fellow Democrats that supported Heather Ross and Garrick McFadden during the Democratic primary. We continue to engage with our fellow Democrats across our state to launch phone banking and canvassing efforts throughout our district. We’re trying to mobilize voters so that they have a voice in Washington.”

If elected, what would be the first three pieces of legislation you would advance as a Representative?

 “We must work toward bringing an end to corruption and corporate influence over our politics and our government through strong campaign finance reform. I will take measures to ensure transparency in our elections so that no American is voiceless in the legislative process because of large corporate spending in politics.”

“I believe that a healthy economy requires a healthy workforce. Therefore, I will fight for equal pay, paid maternity, paternity and sick leave, universal early education and free and affordable post-secondary educational options including trade programs. I will fight to fix gaps in the ACA immediately as we move toward a universal plan. I will fight to strengthen and expand Social Security and ensure a livable wage.”

If elected, would you support Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House or someone else?

“Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi has been an asset to the Democratic party and has served us well, but this is a time for bold new leadership. There is a tide of change and we must recognize and embrace it. Democrats will take the House back because of new energy. Our leadership should reflect that.”

If elected, would you work to investigate and impeach President Trump if the Muller Investigation Results recommend it? Please explain.

 “I believe in liberty and justice for all and I make my decisions based on evidence. I believe we must protect due process and the Mueller investigation. If the results of the investigation recommend impeachment, then I will exercise my constitutional obligation to check the president by seeking an impeachment.”

If elected, would you work to investigate and impeach Brett Kavanaugh if the situation warranted? Please explain.

“I stand with all survivors. It’s time to stop vilifying voices in the name of politics. I think we need to look at impeaching Justice Kavanaugh if further evidence comes to light. We need to ensure that they are consequences for sexual assault regardless of the perpetrator’s societal status or partisan affiliation.”

Voters face a simple decision this election year. Do they want a public servant that will serve the people and work to move the district forward or do they want a person that will cater to the rich special interests and keep things still or move us backward? If voters want the former, then Anita Malik is the dynamic progressive candidate voters should consider this November.

For more information on Anita and the campaign, please visit the below links.

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