Anita Malik shows David Schweikert how to act like the People’s Representative.


Barack Obama was President of the United States the last time David Schweikert hosted a town hall for the people in Arizona Congressional District Six.

Having to publicly address questions in a public forum about the policies advanced by the Republican Party and the Trump Administration as well concerns surrounding the ethical probes he is under investigation for must be an opportunity Mr. Schweikert does not relish participating in.

Anita Malik does not appear to share Mr. Schweikert’s shyness with the public.

The Anita Malik Town Hall on September 5, 2019. From left to right, the panelists are Pooja Babbrah, Doug Bruhnke, Anita Malik, Brian Mecinas, and Geneva Haber. The moderator is John Ainlay

Schweikert’s 2018 opponent and a 2020 Democratic Congressional Candidate is showing the people of Arizona Congressional District Six what a Representative, accountable to the people, should act like by hosting a town hall panel on Thursday, September 5, 2019




One hundred and eighty constituents attended the event that was moderated by John Ainlay.

A packed hall with approximately 200 people attended the Anita Malik hosted town hall.

There were also 20 candidates and representatives for local races and organizations (Moms Demand Action, Outlaw Dirty Money, and March for Our Lives)

Along with four other panelists (Pooja Babbrah, Geneva Haber, Doug Bruhnke, and Brian Mecinas), Ms. Malik discussed several issues of concern to the residents of the district.

These included:

  • Gun Violence
  • Health Care
  • Social Security
  • Climate Change
  • Equality
  • Special Education
  • Native American Standard of Living
  • The Congressional District Six Democratic Primary.

With a mastery of most of the issues, Ms. Malik made several notable statements and proposals. These included:

  • Pledging not to cut Social Security and Medicare.
  • Proposing a raise in the payroll tax cap to meet the future financial needs of the Social Security and Medicare funds.
  • Stating that the Republicans, in their war against women, are playing to their reactionary base.
  • Advocating for strong background checks, waiting periods, and Red Flag Laws.
  • The 2020 election is about talking to people across the aisle, bringing everyone to the table, and raising turnout especially independents and the under involved Democratic Base.
  • Supporting Medicare for All by building on the Affordable Care Act and leveraging it with a public option. Furthermore, Medicare needs to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies.
  • Shifting money out of fossil fuel subsidies to areas like clean energy that will help people in the long run.
  • Mocking Representative Schweikert’s assertions that his ethical issues are all just a bookkeeping error.
  • Elections should be publicly financed.
  • Saying that she is the most electable candidate because she has the momentum carrying over from the 2018 elections, the experience, and familiarity with the district, the right positions on the issues, and data showing her strength with the voters.

Ms. Malik also demonstrated that she could relate well with people on issues close to their hearts.

First, she demonstrated strong empathy with one questioner who wanted to make sure that School Voucher Funds for special needs children were not jeopardized.

Second, she also pledged to work with representatives of the Tribal Councils to help ensure that Native Americans received the assistance they need after a questioner likened conditions on the reservation to those who live in Third World Countries.

Guests at the Town Hall reacting to the request for a snap poll.

Most of the attending audience expressed widespread support for many of Ms. Malik’s positions when asked to take snap polls on the issues of the day like Medicare for All and background Checks.

During closing remarks, Ms. Malik repeated the themes of working together with everyone across the aisle to find common ground.

She also encouraged everyone to tell and share their stories because telling them “change the world” and help “find common ground.”

By holding this town hall with other panelists and discussing the issues, Anita Malik showed how a Representative serving the people should act and maintain visibility and contact with the voters.

Mr. Schweikert, like all Republicans averse to public gatherings, would do well to learn from her example.

Please click on this link here to see the Townhall in full.












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