Ansari Calls for the Electoral Removal of Justices Bolick and King

Former Phoenix Vice Mayor and Arizona CD Three House Candidate Yassamin Ansari.

This November, voters will have an opportunity to defeat some of those who made this week’s Supreme Court reaffirmation of the 1864 Civil War Era Abortion Ban possible.

AZ Central’s Laurie Roberts has already penned a piece today that recognized ten Republicans in the Arizona State Legislature whose electoral vulnerability skyrocketed because of either their support of the 1864 measure or their refusal to vote to repeal it in 2022 when they passed the 15-week abortion ban or yesterday when they either ignored (the Senate) or utilized (the House) parliamentary procedures to avoid considering the repeal again.

But these legislators will not be the only individuals on the ballot with the responsibility for bringing women’s health care and reproductive freedom rights back to the Pre-Nineteenth Amendment time in this nation’s history.

Arizona Supreme Court Justices Clint Bolick and Kathryn Hackett King will also face the voters this November as Arizonans determine whether they deserve retention on the state’s highest court. They provided two of the four court votes favoring the Civil War Era Abortion Ban.

Congressional District Three Candidate and former Phoenix Vice Mayor Yassamin Ansari is a person that will not be giving them an electoral ticket back to the court.

In a statement released by her campaign, the former Phoenix Councilwoman wrote:

“I will be voting no on Judges Bolick and King this November and I encourage all Arizonans to do the same. Extremist Republicans continue to attack our rights: our right to vote, our right to safe and secure elections, and now, our right to have an abortion and bodily autonomy. After a Republican governor expanded the court to accommodate Judges Bolick and King, we are again seeing the consequences of what extremist Republicans in power will do. We need to vote no on Judges Bolick and King in November’s upcoming retention election.”

To be clear to all the MAGA-Christian Nationalist Republicans out there who support what Bolick, King, and the two other Justices did this week to infringe on women’s rights: There are more undoubtedly more people like Yassamin Ansari who will be voting this November than you.

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  1. I think Arizona has had enough of the Bolick family influencing Arizona policy. Boot Clint and boot his wife. She once had some credibility when she was on a school board, but now, none.

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