Anti-TPP Rally at McSally’s Office on Friday, Feb 19


Don’t get so caught up with the Presidential Primaries and the SCOTUS speculation that you forget about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal that is still on the table in the Congress. This Friday, there will be an anti-TPP rally at Congresswoman Martha McSally’s office. Come on down! Bring your signs and enthusiasm.

Here are a few background articles on the TPP.
#TPP Is ‘Worse Than We Thought’: Text Finally Public
#TPP, #TTIP & #TiSA: Global Secret Trade Deals Will Make Government Irrelevant
US Ordered to Change Consumer-Protection Law: WTO Decision Foreshadows How Bad #TPP Would Be (video)
Obama Signs Fast Track & TAA



  1. Really? You’re going to partner with that crazy, no nothing because??? NO!!~!~ TPP!!! Might I suggest that you read these. The very fact that you would believe the hype, is surprising to me. A little.
    Very intelligent analysis here…from someone who has actually read the whole thing.

    • The TPP will allow private corporate tribunals to decide if any of the laws, policies, or practices of any of the countries who have signed onto this travesty, may (in their opinion) interfere with their current or projected profits. And if they deem that to be the case, then the corporation can sue that country’s government to repeal such laws or policies. That is what the Keystone suit is all about…. they are suing the US under NAFTA (another trade agreement travesty). There is also a third member of this “unholy trinity”, called the TTIP (TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). All of these were created behind closed doors, with the public knowing nothing until the last minute, and all are at their core…. GLOBAL CORPORATE POWER GRABS MAKING CORPORATIONS MORE POWERFUL THAN GOVERNMENTS!

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