April 2018 Bike Fest Tucson

“What is Bike Fest?

Tucson is known for being a bicyclists paradise. The Old Pueblo has a bustling bicycle community, numerous mixed-use trails, and plenty of on-street facilities for people on bikes of all ages.

So, why not celebrate?!

Every year, Bike Fest brings out the best of bicycling by rounding up a whole slew of events to celebrate “life on two wheels”.

In 2017, we loved seeing our community create and share their favorite bike events, including rides to ice cream shops, breweries, and farmers markets, a BMX show, bike maintenance classes, karaoke rides, a scavenger hunt, a bike-in movie, campouts, a ride to work with the Mayor, and of course – Cyclovia!

In 2017, YOU helped organize 74 Bike Fest events attended by 37,350 participants!”


Check out the Calendar of Events, including Spring Cyclovia on April 8,  Tour de Cookie on April 14, and Bike In Breakfast ride with Mayor Jonathan Rothschild on April 19. Get on your bikes and ride all the month of April (and beyond).

2 responses to “April 2018 Bike Fest Tucson

  1. Carolyn Classen

    Breakfast on the lawn in front of Old Main courtesy of UA Parking & Transportation, then Mayor Rothschild spoke about the importance of bicycling in Tucson– for exercise, for beautiful scenery, to promote alternate transportation. About 20 bicyclists joined the Mayor in the ride to City Hall, for a photo op. Yoga prizes and certificates from Beyond Bread were raffled off (for free). Enjoy the rest of Bike Fest Tucson in April.

  2. Carolyn Classen

    Not an April Fool’s joke — Bike Fest Tucson’s month of bicycling activities (and lots of fun) starts today. And it’s also Easter Sunday. Enjoy springtime in Tucson/Southern Arizona.