Arizona BATS (Badass Teachers)


by David Safier

16502689.10189487Wanna be a Badass Teacher (BAT)? Join the 20,396 (at this moment) BATs on Facebook. It's a closed group, so you have to request to join (in the top right hand area of the page, I believe).

Wanna be an Arizona BAT? You can do that too. Go to the AZ BAT FB page and request to join the 167 (at this moment) who have already signed up.

This BAT thing has only existed for a bit more than a week, if I'm right. Lots of people have stepped up at the national level, and state groups are forming spontaneously. It's tapped into something people want to be a part of. Teachers who are used to grumbling to each other in faculty rooms across the country are finding a way to voice their collective anger and frustration with the conservative/corporate "education reform" movement that's been sucking up all the media air and taking the humanity out of the classroom.

It's always tough to figure out if something like this has legs to go along with its two hundred thousand-plus fingers (Math problem: If 20,396 Badass Teachers each have 10 fingers, more or less, which they used to move the cursor and type the keys to join a Facebook group, how many fingers have participated in the BAT movement?) There's no question, a whole lot of people are ready for something like this to happen.

There may be more than a few teachers who will have something interesting to write in their "What I did on my summer vacation" essays at the beginning of the school year.