The Editorial Board of the AZ Daily Star issued their 2020 General Election endorsements today, on pages A6 and A7 but not online yet. I’ll update later with the hyperlinks from (updated: done, see below).

If you want to view the candidate chats held by the Star staff with these candidates (started on Sept. 6 and went till October 6), go to:


U.S. President   Joe Biden (D)

U. S. Senate   Mark Kelly (D)

All endorsements now in one hyperlink below:

CD 1  Tom O’Halleran (D), incumbent

CD 2  Ann Kirkpatrick (D), incumbent

CD 3  Raul Grijalva (D), incumbent

Arizona Corporation Commission (3 seats):

Bill Mundell (D)

Lea Marquez Peterson (R), incumbent

Shea Stanfield (D)


LD 2 Senate   Rosanna Gabaldon (D, House Rep.)

LD 2 House (2 seats):

Daniel Hernandez, Jr. (D), incumbent

Andrea Dalessandro (D, State Senator)

LD 9 Senate  Victoria Steele (D), unopposed, incumbent

LD 9 House (2 seats):

Dr. Randy Friese (D), incumbent

Pam Powers Hannley (D), incumbent

LD 10 Senate   Kirsten Engel (D, State Rep.)

LD 10 House (2 seats):

Domingo  DeGrazia (D), incumbent

Stephanie Hamilton (D)

LD 11 Senate JoAnna Mendoza (D)

LD 11 House (2 seats):

Dr. Felipe Perez (D),

Bret Roberts (R), incumbent


Pima County Offices:

Assessor:  Suzanne Droubie (D)

Recorder:  Gabriella Cazares-Kelly (D)

Sheriff:  Mark Napier (R), incumbent

Treasurer:  Beth Ford (R), incumbent


Pima County Board of Supervisors:

District 1:  Rex Scott (D)

District 2:  Dr. Matt Heinz (D)

District 3:  Sharon Bronson (D), incumbent

District 4:  Steve Diamond (D)

District 5:  Adelita Grijalva (D)


Pima Community College Governing Board, District 1 (nonpartisan):   Catherine Ripley

TUSD Governing Board (3 seats, nonpartisan):

Dr. Ravi Grivois-Shah

Natalie Luna Rose

Adam Ragan


Early ballots go out today, October 7.

Vote wisely on or before November 3, 2020 and vote early if possible.