Arizona Daily Star endorses Republicans Shelley Kais & Chris Ackerley, Democrat Rep. Daniel Hernandez Jr. for LD 2

In today’s online Arizona Daily Star, the Editorial Board there has endorsed Shelley Kais (R) for State Senator in LD 2, over 3 term incumbent Senator Andrea Dalessandro (D).  They also endorsed incumbent Daniel Hernandez Jr. (D) and former Rep. Chris Ackerley (R), over incumbent  Rep. Rosanna Gabaldon (D).

Ackerley held a position in the House in LD 2 in 2015 to 2017, so is attempting a come back.  Kais ran for this same position in Nov. 2016 and lost to  Senator Dalessandro.  Rep.  Galbadon has served 3 terms in the House, first elected Nov. 2012. Also running for House in LD 2 is Republican Anthony Sizer, who ran in the LD 14 primary in 2016 and lost.

Here’s the Star article below.  Article appeared in print 10/17/18 on page A10.

Shelley Kais

LD 2 House Rep. Daniel Hernandez, Jr.

John Chris Ackerley

Vote wisely on or before Nov. 6, 2018.

Voter registration totals for LD 2:

Democrats  42,291; Republicans 24, 310; Other 33,496

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4 responses to “Arizona Daily Star endorses Republicans Shelley Kais & Chris Ackerley, Democrat Rep. Daniel Hernandez Jr. for LD 2

  1. Andrea Dalessandro

    In 2012, my House race in LD 2, the Star did not endorse me. With the exception of my predecessor in the Senate when she had no opponent in 2012, I have been the TOP VOTE GETTER in Legislative District 2 because of my hard work, strong voice in Phoenix and the support of Republicans, independents, Greens and Democrats and perhaps a few Libertarians. The Star said my opponent learned the issues well. From her public comments, my extensive Face Book postings have been indeed a valuable resource to her. I thought it was interesting that my opponent taped our editorial meeting without our permission. I am not cancelling my subscription. Especially, at a time when journalists are under attack. Recently, I thanked Sarah Garrecht Gassen for publishing one of my guest opinions. Perhaps now I will be thanking the entire Arizona Daily Star editorial board for energizing my base even more. Please keep working hard to guarantee a BLUE WAVE.

    • Carolyn Classen

      Thanks for your comments Andrea. The Star editorial was a surprise considering that you are so hard working and are now serving your 3rd term as State Senator in LD 2. Since this is a rematch between Senator Dalessandro and Shelley Kais, I am posting the Nov. 2016 general election results:

      Dalessandro 39,693
      Kais 27,066

  2. AZ BlueMeanie

    Interesting. LD 2 is a Democratic voter registration leaning district which has been well represented by its Democratic incumbents. But the Arizona Daily Star, which has become more conservative after corporate shakeups at Lee Enterprises, Inc. over the past couple of years, thinks LD 2 should be represented by Republicans. The endorsement could not even manage a kind word or even a mention of the incumbents, whom the Daily Star endorsed in previous elections. The Daily Star actually opposed Daniel Hernandez in 2016, whom they now endorse. Star endorsement: Arizona Legislative District 2,