Arizona Democratic Candidates in Competitive Districts Are Raking in the Campaign Bucks

In a sign that Democratic candidates and the issues they support are carrying weight with voters this year, Democratic legislators in competitive battleground districts are doing very well in campaign donations.

LD2 Representative Judy Schwiebert’s campaign hauled in $81,000 for her State Senate run. 97 percent of those donations came from Arizona residents.

LD4 State Senator Christine Marsh’s team pulled in $83,000, while House member Laura Terech accumulated $63,000.

In the increasingly competitive LD27, Deborah Howard’s State Senate campaign raked in $29,000 since last October, outraising her opponent, Kevin Payne.

Each candidate, in press releases issued by the Arizona Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (ADLCC), issued statements on their fundraising success.

State Representative Judy Schwiebert

Representative Schwiebert commented:

“This incredible show of support from Arizonans for my campaign is a testament to the enthusiasm on the ground for a new majority. As a legislator, I have been fighting to lower costs for families, give educators a raise, and put a stop to abortion bans. With Arizona’s help, I’m ready to take my fight to the Senate with a new majority that works for everyone.”

State Senator Christine Marsh

Senator Marsh relayed:

“I’m so grateful for the support of everyone who donated to my campaign and made me the highest-raising Democratic Senate candidate ahead of the most important election of our lifetimes. We have the opportunity to flip the legislature this year, and this grassroots momentum is a signal that folks are ready for a fundamental change in our state. I appreciate everyone who joined our team to hold this seat and elect a Democratic majority.”

State Representative Laura Terech

Representative Terech offered:

“It’s clear from the outpouring of support for my campaign and for my seatmate that Arizonans everywhere are ready for their priorities to be realized by a Democratic majority. I’m so appreciative of everyone who helped us get off to this strong start.”

Arizona LD 27 State Senate Candidate Deborah Howard.

Senate candidate Deborah Howard stated:

“I am grateful for the overwhelming support from my community. The fact that we outraised an entrenched incumbent is a signal that the people in this district are ready for new leadership. Together, we can shift the focus to actual sensible legislation instead of wasting the time and money of taxpayers on divisive issues and partisan battles. This district will be crucial in flipping the legislature and ensuring a fair and equitable future for all of us.”

Commenting earlier this month on how public support for Democratic Party issues is steering the political debate this year, State Senator and ADLCC Co-Chair Priya Sundareshan wrote:

ADLCC Co-Chair Priya Sundareshan (left) with Co-chair and State Representative Jennifer Pawlik.

“Our party understands what issues are on the mind of Arizona voters and is ready to put their priorities first, ensuring that our state government truly represents the needs of voters. Democrats are aiming to build a future where every Arizonan’s voice is heard, and their values are reflected in the policies of their legislators. Voters know that Republicans do not demonstrate the same commitment to the issues that matter, and they are ready for a new majority.”

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