Arizona Democratic Congressional Candidates react to the Administration Gutting Part of the Clean Water Act.


Wanting to protect the nation’s water supply should be a no brainer considering the human race depends on it to survive.

So should the desire to protect the air all humanity needs to breathe or the ecosystem where the food chain is sustained.

Despite these vital essential needs, the current occupant of the White House, who thinks climate change is fake news, has repeatedly launched, through his fossil fuel and deregulation friendly appointments to the Environmental Protection Agency, efforts to scale back environmental protection policies in the name of higher corporate bottom lines and profits.

The latest of these policies, a repeal of the Obama Administration add ons to the Clean Water Act that protected streams and wetlands to make “miners, farmers, home developers, and oil/gas drillers” happy in the interim, will jeopardize the long term sustainability of the water supply in this country.

While this move, like the other anti-environmental measures pursued by the Popular Vote Loser’s Administration, will be challenged in court, Arizona Democratic Congressional Candidates have offered their views on the latest backward decisions.

Arizona Congressional District Five Candidate Joan Greene

Joan Greene

“The importance of clean water, especially if you are from Arizona where having enough clean water is the top priority, is not a partisan issue but a survival issue.”

“Andy Biggs has been fighting to repeal the Clean Water Act for years. Looking at the list of companies and people who are opposed to protecting our environment can be cross-checked with the companies and people who donate (known as legalized bribery) to Andy Biggs.”

“Biggs’ concerns are never with the environment, never with his District, never with Arizona, never with the United States but always with his donors.”

“Andy Biggs’ continued poor judgment and actively harming our families is another reason why Arizona’s Fifth District must give Andy Biggs a motion of no-confidence in November 2020.”

Arizona Congressional District Six Candidate Anita Malik

Anita Malik

“If the head of the EPA is a former coal industry lobbyist, then expect nothing less than environmental exploitation. Washington is corrupt to its core. But I’m not afraid to speak truth to power when their corruption impacts our lives and our communities. I’ll always put people over politics and do what’s best for our nation. That’s why I’ve pledged to enact a ban on lobbyists and end the revolving door in Washington; I’m the only candidate in Arizona’s sixth to do so.”

“At a time when our planet faces an irreversible climate crisis, this administration chooses to exploit our resources. To roll back clean water protections for-profits shows a blatant disregard for our health and the wellbeing of our underserved communities. To remove permit requirements and reward polluters is dangerous and we must stand against it.” 

Arizona Congressional District Eight Candidate Michael Muscato

Michael Muscato

“As a nation of people, we need to decide what is more important to us: profits or resources like clean air and water? It really is that simple… For those out there who take the thought of our government harming our water supply and doing nothing about it as something far-fetched, see exhibit A – Flint, Michigan.”

“The latest regulation roll back from this administration aims to impact the water supply of 117 million people in this country. That is more than 1/3 of the entire US population. Here in Arizona, we see continuous developer efforts to drill into our already dwindling aquifers. How much of the resources we as human beings are dependent on for survival are we willing to risk and lose? And for what? So, some oil tycoon can enjoy 9 months a year on a luxury yacht? What are our leaders doing? Where are the people allegedly “representing us”?”

“We need leaders who have the vision and the resolve to lead us into the future. One in which our economic superiority is driven by our willingness, diligence, and commitment to harnessing our natural energy sources rather than living dependent on finite fossil fuels. It starts with replacing the people currently in office who continually go against both science and ethics.”

“Let us all take a lesson from the Native Americans and treat our Mother Earth with respect and care. Let us all look at our children and be inspired to leave this place better for them than it was given to us. Let us all stand up for our own future and fight for our hometown because our hometown is always worth fighting for.”


Arizona Congressional District Eight Candidate Bob Musselwhite

Bob Musselwhite
“Freshwater is needed to supply wetlands that are incubators for generating seafood and fisheries in saltwater, a very important source in the human food supply.” 
“Protection of the planet and water is so basic to that, is essential to protect human habitat.”
“Judgment in the implementation of the Obama era rules is what is needed not rolling them back which takes away common sense in favor of the quick dollar.”
Remember there is no Planet B to travel to. With the continued growth of the human population, the protection of the world’s environmental and ecosystems should take precedence over making the all mighty dollar.
These candidates and those who share their views should be heeded and those who do not should no longer be allowed to shape public policy.
It is time to fully adopt ideas and produce infrastructure and technologies that protect the environment and steer the people away from policies, products, and structures that harm it.
If the youngest among, us as a recent Washington Post piece attests, can be persuaded to act to save this planet, why can not the adults?
The future depends on it.
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