Reactionary members of the former Party of Lincoln have not defied public expectations as the Impeachment Inquiry Hearings went public last week.

They are performing true to nauseating form offering Hail Mary defenses of the 2016 Popular Vote Loser’s behavior with regards to his attempted bribery of the Ukranian President to receive aid in exchange for an investigation into the debunked (by reputable news organizations) accusations that former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter engaged in corrupt-illegal practices.

Arizona’s fringe Republican members are no exception to the lunacy spewing from the mouths and tweets of “how did they ever get elected” individuals.

For example, Freedom “Circus”-Caucus leader Congressional District Five Andy Biggs has regurgitated Republican talking points attacking the anonymous whistleblower who exposed the Ukraine Scandal and accusing the Democrats of being out to get Individual One by running a Soviet-style purge system.

Congressional District Four Representatives Paul Gosar, no stranger to Twitter or outlandish theories, went further in criticizing the process by tying into a conspiracy theory on Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide.

Congressional District Eight Representative Debbie Lesko focused her comments on Ambassadors serve at the pleasure of the President while ignoring the dubious behind the scenes manipulations of the Giuliani-Trump camp that forced well regarded Ukranian Ambassador Yovanovitch out.

Arizona Democratic Congressional Candidates looking to defeat these current “Representatives” offered their view of the first days of the Impeachment Inquiry Public Hearings.

Joan Greene running to defeat Andy Biggs engaged in a Twitter back and forth the incumbent, later commenting that:

“I stood tweet to tweet with my opponent Andy Biggs as he tried to gaslight and lie to his base. I was able to inform and share the truth. When I am the next Congresswoman #AZ05 and America will have a Patriot who will always stand for the truth, our Country and our families.”

Stephanie Rimmer, one of the three Democrats wanting to contest David Schweikert in Congressional District Six, stated that:

“Impeachment is a tough issue. It is not something I want. It is not good for the country. But we are here due to the necessity and paramount importance we must give to protecting and defending the Constitution and rule of law. I trust Arizona’s Congressman Greg Stanton, who has served our community with integrity for two decades, to judge the case on its merits and make a decision based upon the laws of our country.”

Delina Di Santo, the Democrat looking to best Paul Gosar, tweeted in response to Gosar’s fringe tweets:

“So I hear that @RepGosar did 23 tweets today all starting with a red-letter spelling out backwards “Epstein didn’t kill himself” conspiracy theory. Is he really this immature and spending our tax dollars to play games? At what point has he helped #AZ04 since 2018 election?”

Democratic District Eight Candidate Michael Muscato (who is a speaker at a November 19 Republican-Independent district town hall tomorrow that Ms. Lesko claims she knew nothing about) commented on Facebook that:

“Article II, Section IV of the Constitution bans “the President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States” from extorting or demanding bribes in the conduct of their duties. Members of Congress swear an oath to protect and defend the Constitution.”

“Prejudging the evidence before it is presented violates that oath. Distracting attention to something irrelevant violates that oath. Excusing illegal actions for partisan reasons violates that oath.”

“The Congressional oath of office means something. When I take it, I’ll mean it.”

The other District Eight Candidate Bob Musselwhite offered:

“The Office of the President was created to serve the interests of the people of the United States, not the individual holding the office. This same standard is true concerning every public office held in this land and the President must be held to the same standard as the rest of us who have held public office.”

People that are not enthusiastic residents of the Trump Zone or rabid watchers of the commentators inhabiting Fox Island need to pay attention to the voices in their districts that offer a perspective on the impeachment inquiries (and other aspects of national and international events) that are based in reality and forward-thinking, not dystopian fiction.

It is the best way to help move Arizona forward out of the reactionary darkness and deceit.

Featured Image from WAMC