By now, most political observers from all ideological spectrums recognize that the Executive Orders Donald Trump issued this Saturday in front of his golfing buddies are (with the possible exception of the student loan order) nothing more than empty farcical attempts to look like the 2016 Popular Vote Loser is acting Presidential.

These orders will not help people in any meaningful or long-term way and may actually:

  • Deny the unemployed precious resources needed to survive.
  • Accelerate evictions and foreclosures.
  • Damage the Social Security and Medicare Trust Fund.

Several leading Democrats voiced their views on Mr. Trump’s Executive Orders.

Please read them below. 

Arizona Democratic Party Chairperson Felecia Rotellini

 “Donald Trump’s disastrous pandemic response has been a raw deal for working families and older Americans in Arizona and across the country. Trump’s failure to contain the virus has created an economic crisis for working people all across Arizona. And as the coronavirus outbreak tore through Arizona’s retirement communities and nursing homes, Trump failed to act and left seniors to fend for themselves. Now, after tanking good-faith negotiations to extend economic relief for working families, Trump is cutting unemployment benefits by $200 a week and exploiting a public health crisis to gut Social Security funding — right when communities need help the most.”

 “Trump’s failure of leadership has thrown Arizona’s working families and seniors to the wolves. We need a president who will fight to protect older Americans and ensure that working families have the resources they need to build back better from Trump’s failing economy. That president is Joe Biden.”

 Congressional District Four Democratic Nominee Delina DiSanto tweeted:

Congressional District Six Democratic Nominee Dr. Hiral Tipirneni issued a statement which stated:

 “It’s outrageous and inexcusable that Congress has completely failed in its job to support families and businesses across this country by putting partisan politics above real solutions in being unable to pass a new relief package that is badly needed. And it’s equally irresponsible that Social Security and Medicare — benefits earned from a lifetime of hard work that are necessary to ensure Americans can retire with dignity – are being put at risk for political purposes as a result.”

“This shouldn’t be difficult – if Congress cared half as much about working families and small businesses as they do their big money corporate special interest donors, they’d work together and get the job done to help our communities. But instead, D.C. politicians including Rep. Schweikert are willing to stand by and do nothing. And we’re paying the price every single day.”

“Arizonans deserve a leader who will think independently, stand with our families, and look out for our needs – instead of simply pushing their extreme, reckless partisan agendas and putting Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block.”

 Congressional District Eight Nominee Michael Muscato tweeted:

All of these commentators and more recognize that Republicans need to stop grandstanding and hoping the pandemic will go away and the economy will come back on the cheap.

They need to meet with the Democrats and negotiate the next phase of COVID 19 relief aid that will better combat the Coronavirus, stabilize the economy, and help the vulnerable.

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