Arizona Democrats, following the prudent example of Joe Biden, were not as ecstatic about the May Jobs report as Donald Trump or Arizona Representatives Andy Biggs, Paul Gosar, and David Schweikert who apparently have ignored the fact that the jobs report has some major asterisks to it.

The first asterisk pertains to a revelation by Axios (and cited by AZ Blue Meanie) that not all the states supplied employment figures.

The second asterisk, as the Washington Post reported (and noted by AZ Blue Meanie in a recent article and Congressional District Six Candidate Dr. Hiral Tipirneni in a Facebook response to a tweet from Representative Schweikert) of a calculation error that lowered the unemployment rate by three percent.

So instead of a drop in the unemployment rate from April to May, there has undoubtedly been a rise and the true state of the job market, which is still affected by the Coronavirus in Arizona (where it is intensifying) and across the country may not be ascertained for several weeks or months.

Arizona Democrats took a more somber and realistic appraisal of the job situation.

Matt Grodsky, the Communications Spokesperson of the Arizona Democratic Party, issued a statement on the May Jobs Report, writing:

“Americans gaining their jobs back is vital, especially for struggling families. But this public health crisis has not subsided and people’s lives are still in danger. On Trump’s watch, over 100,000 Americans have died, millions of Americans are out of work, and businesses are continuing to close across the country. This is no time for celebration. But this President is more interested in grandstanding than working to keep Americans safe.”

 Congressional District Four Candidate Delina Di Santo offered a response to a request to comment for Blog for Arizona:

“Trump said our unemployment numbers are a tremendous success and the greatest comeback in American history. Rep Gosar agreed. Trump went on to say George Floyd is looking down from heaven saying this is a great thing that’s happening for our country, and that’s a great day for him. Trump and Gosar are so far away from reality and the truth. Both have no empathy. A black man murdered and black unemployment rising. The employment numbers are those who went back to work when their state opened up. Nothing more, nothing less. This is not the greatest comeback in American history, ask my voters here in Congressional District 4 and across this state who are still struggling and not finding work. I’m disgusted and embarrassed for our nation in this reality show and Gosar joining in to appease Trump and the rest of his cronies.” 

Joan Greene, the Democrat looking to defeat Andy Biggs in Congressional District Five this fall said in response to a request to comment for Blog for Arizona:

“No surprise when light is shown to anything Trump says, it is not the truth. The unemployment rate is actually three points higher.”

 “If Trump and the elected GOP had told the truth in the very beginning, we would not have sky-high unemployment, 112,000 Americans would not be dead and those who were sick and survived now have medical bills that will put them into bankruptcy.”

 “As usual no solutions from them just more lies.”

 “A clean sweep up and down the ballot and let’s give our states and Nation back to the people with November’s vote.”

Two of the Democrats looking to win the nomination to campaign against Debbie Lesko in Congressional District Eight this November also responded to requests for comment from Blog for Arizona.

Michael Muscato wrote:

“We watched as the President of the United States tried to claim 2.5 million in job growth as some sort of Trump victory rather than the reality: an economy limping back to work and businesses licking their wounds while desperately trying to survive to be back open. Clearly, Trump was being honest when he said “I take no responsibility.” 

 “Arizona is exploding in COVID cases, 81,000 new unemployment claims have been made and small business owners like myself are operating on 50% revenues with 100% costs. We cannot take four more years of Donald Trump, Martha McSally, nor Debbie Lesko.”

Bob Musselwhite stated:

“The President is apparently riding a horse that is too fast for him.”

 “He does not seem to understand that it is Covid19 which he badly fumbled and continues to fumble that caused this economy.  We are not going to recover until Americans stop dying from this disease “

The tooth fairy and horrible accountants at the Department of Labor are not going to magically bring the jobs back to Arizona and the rest of the country.

Neither is being blind to the fact that the Coronavirus is not going anywhere.

The sooner Republicans stop drinking the Kool-Aid from Fox Island, the Trump Zone, or Disinfowars, the sooner concrete steps can be taken to create a sustainable economic and job recovery for the people of Arizona and across the country.

That or the voters will remember on November 3, 2020, who in Washington and the Arizona State Capitol did not serve the people.

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