Arizona Senate and House Democrats have chosen their leadership teams for the 55th legislative session starting in 2021.

In the Senate, the new Senate Minority Leader will be Legislative District (LD) 27’s Rebecca Rios.


The Senate Democratic Leader will be LD 19’s Lupe Contreras. The Democratic Whips will be LD Nine’s Victoria Steele and LD 29’s Martin Quezada.

In a press release issued to the public, each Democratic leader offered their perspective on joining the leadership team and moving forward.

Minority Leader Rebecca Rios:

“I’m honored to have been elected to serve as the Senate Democrats Minority Leader and take up the mantle from my colleague Senator Bradley. We have significant work ahead of us as Covid-19 cases are on the rise and Arizonans are looking to their leaders to act. Senate Democrats stand ready to lead as inclusive problem solvers and act on the mandate from
Arizonans who want us to focus on funding education, stopping the Covid-19 pandemic, and creating equal opportunity for every Arizonan.”

Democratic Leader Lupe Contreras:

“I’m ready to continue the fight alongside this great new leadership team. We have a unified vision to move our changing state forward with transparency, fairness and equal opportunity for all.”

Senate Democratic Whip Victoria Steele:

“This coming year is going to be a transformative one for Arizona. We picked up another Senate seat and Democrats are ready to lead for every Arizonan and we will not compromise our values. I’m excited to see what this session will bring.”

Senate Democratic Whip Martin Quezada:

“For too long misguided Republican leadership has put us decades behind other states, and the Covid-19 pandemic has thrown that into even starker relief. We absolutely must get a handle on the pandemic and help Arizonans. We know that a state that is good for workers is a state that is good for business and this session we are invigorated to focus on protecting
public education, voting rights, and addressing racial injustice.”

The Democrats in the Arizona State House chose their leadership team as well.

LD 27’s Reginald Bolding will be the House Democratic Minority Leader.

LD 24’s Jennifer Longdon will serve as the Assistant Democratic Leader.

LD 10’s Domingo DeGrazia will become the Democratic Whip.

In a press release issued to the public, the new House Leadership commented on their selection and goals moving forward.

House Democratic Minority Leader Reginald Bolding:

I am honored to be chosen to lead this caucus and to work with this incredible team. What we’ve seen over this election cycle is that this state is more purple than red or blue, and we look forward to working together to put forth policies to benefit all Arizonans. We will continue to be champions for working families, for equality, for a strong economy and a strong Democracy.”

Assistant Democratic Leader Jennifer Longdon: 

“We had a spirited debate and vote, but our caucus has come together unified from this moment to protect working families of this state.”

Democratic Whip Domingo DeGrazia:

“This remains the largest and most diverse Democratic House caucus in generations. I am honored to serve Arizona and am mindful that our legislative duties are carried out with the consent of our constituents. This team, and this caucus will never lose sight of that.”

Congratulations to the New Leadership Team.