Arizona Democrats Condemn MAGA-Convicted Trump’s-Republican’s Project 2025

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Replying to a request for comment from Blog for Arizona, several leading Arizona Democrats and office candidates voiced deep concerns over the MAGA-Convicted Trump-Republican equivalent of Mein Kampf and The Handmaids Tale-Project 2025.

Arizona Democratic Party Chairperson Yolanda Bejarano said:

Donald Trump’s Project 2025 is dangerous and strips away fundamental freedoms. Project 2025 seeks to ban abortion nationwide, slash Social Security and Medicare, and give Donald Trump the power to be a “dictator on day one.” Arizonans know that while Republicans plot to take away our rights, Democrats are working hard to move our state forward, which is why this November, Arizonans will re-elect Biden-Harris, flip the US House, secure the US Senate, and flip the Republican-controlled state legislature. “

Arizona State Senator and Arizona Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Co-Chair Priya Sundareshan responded to my question at an online gathering of the National DLCC:

I think that Project 2025 is extremely scaryThe Republicans are putting what they have previously hidden as the most extreme version of the agenda that they have pursued. They have finally put it together in one document. and although it has a lot of importance and relevance to the federal level, it really underscores the importance of focusing on our State Legislative races and to making sure that we have Democratic control in the state legislatures because part of their agenda has been to try to dismantle federal authority and federal protections. So now more than ever, we really need to make sure that our state legislators are going to be able to fight back and affirmatively protect rights within our own states and in our state laws and our Constitution, and so I think that’s really it just underscores the importance of our efforts to flip (control.)

Former Maricopa County Democratic Party Executive Director Maritza M. Saenz stated:

“After reading Project 2025, most folks would feel a serious reaction to the dismantling of our democracy.
This has been said many times but it needs to be repeated. We never thought that the right of a person to make medical decisions for their own body would be taken away in our country. We never thought our criminal laws would forgive clear, criminal actions by any President. We never thought that important works of fiction would be banned from our school libraries. Anyone that says Project 2025 is overreaching and could never come to fruition, is not paying attention to very recent US history.”

“Project 2025 is not a wish list of the far right, it is a list of instructions for their dictator. Not a single person will be immune from the impacts of this dictatorship.”

Arizona Assistant State House Democratic Leader Oscar De Los Santos commented:

Our allies France and Great Britain just showed that their countries can come together to reject far-right-wing authoritarianism. The United States and Arizona can do the same in November. Project 2025 is the fetid brainchild of Donald Trump and his fascist flunkies, and it’s something that every voter should educate themselves about because it would fundamentally alter the lives of every person in our country. Social Security, gone. Abortion rights and contraception, gone. Civil rights, gone. Climate protections, gone. Marriage equality, gone. Unions and workplace protections, gone. Public schools, gone. The Affordable Care Act, gone. Replaced with Trump cronies at every level of government, religious indoctrination and tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, mass deportation and incarceration camps. This is a choice between the rule of law and martial law. I believe Arizonans will make the right choice.”

Arizona Legislative District 18 State Representative Nancy Gutierrez relayed:

Project 2025 is a disgusting and barbaric plan to take our country back to the dark ages. It is clearly fueled by racism, sexism, homophobia and the realization that the American people will no longer allow these ignorant policies to guide our future. We must stop Trump and his allies from winning their elections in order to stop these destructive policies from being put into place. We are better than this as a nation! We must ensure our rights to reproductive healthcare, respect our cultural diversity, build a future that includes everyone no matter what their country of origin and protect the rights and safety of our LGBTQ+ community.”

Arizona Legislative District 21 State Representative Consuelo Hernandez offered:

Project 2025 is the single biggest threat to our Democracy in my generation. Womens rights, climate change, LGBTQ rights, Education and Healthcare are all on the chopping block. If you think Project 2025 won’t impact you I implore you to search it yourself. Make no mistake a Trump Presidency is a threat to all of us.”

Arizona Legislative District 5 State Representative Sarah Ligouri stated:

Project 2025 is Un-American and shows us that the Republican party will undermine our freedoms and destroy our Democracy in their quest for autocratic power. The detriment outlined in this plan will not discriminate, it will wreck bi-partisan destruction on the lives of the people in our country. We must reject this with our vote this election.”

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Arizona Congressional House One Candidate Marlene Galan Woods commented:

Project 2025 is a violent and catastrophic blueprint for a dictatorship under Donald Trump. It’s shameful and David Schweikert has been silent about this dangerous plan. Arizonans deserve a leader who will stand up to authoritarians, and Schweikert has repeatedly demonstrated he’s unfit for the job.”

Arizona Congressional House District One Candidate Conor O’Callaghan wrote:

Project 2025 represents a cataclysmic threat to our Democracy. This is an all-hands-on-deck moment. We must re-elect the President and take control of Congress. The soul of America is truly on the line.”

Arizona Congressional House District One Candidate Dr. Andrew Horne conveyed:

“”I am deeply concerned about the Project 2025 blueprint proposed by MAGA Republicans. This plan, crafted by Donald Trump’s closest allies, is a dangerous takeover designed to give Trump more power, gut democratic checks and balances, and consolidate power in the Oval Office. I am deeply concerned about the Project 2025 blueprint proposed by MAGA Republicans. This plan, crafted by Donald Trump’s closest allies, is a dangerous takeover designed to give Trump more power, gut democratic checks and balances, and consolidate power in the Oval Office.”

“Project 2025 poses a significant threat to women’s rights, public education, and our nation’s commitment to fairness and equality. This plan aims to strip away reproductive freedom nationwide and use the presidency for revenge on Trump’s political and personal enemies.”

“The policies outlined in Project 2025 would dismantle healthcare protections and undermine workers’ rights, prioritizing corporate interests and the ultra-wealthy over the needs of hardworking families.”

We cannot afford to move backward with policies that undermine our democratic values and allow the President to act as a dictator. I am committed to standing up against this dangerous agenda and fighting for a future that protects the rights and dignity of every individual.”

Arizona Congressional House District One Candidate Kurt Kroemer wrote:

Project 2025 is a dangerous and anti-American document that is a complete threat to our democracy.  As noted below, it is an attempt to completely rewrite the American experiment that moves us toward an autocracy and religious-nationalist dystopia. It takes away individual freedoms and eviscerates the ability of our government to help our nation’s citizens.

Complete ban on abortions without exceptions: pages 449-503
End marriage equality: pages 545-581
Elimination of unions and worker protections: page 581
Defund the FBI and Homeland Security: page 133
Eliminate federal agencies like the FDA, EPA, NOAA, and more: pages 363-417
Mass deportation of immigrants and incarceration in “camps”: page 133
End birthright citizenship: page 133
Cut Social Security: page 691
Cut Medicare: page 449
Eliminate the Department of Education: page 319
Teach Christian religious beliefs in public schools: page 319
Use public, taxpayer money for private religious schools: page 319
End the Affordable Care Act: page 449
Ban contraceptives: page 449
Additional tax breaks for corporations and the 1%: page 691.
End civil rights & DEl protections in government: pages 545-581
Ban African American and gender studies in all levels of education: page 319
End climate protections: page 417
Increase Arctic drilling: page 363
Deregulate big business and the oil industry: page 363

Arizona Congressional House District Five Candidate Katrina Schaffner commented:

Let’s be clear: Project 2025 is the GOP Playbook. The Trump campaign may have realized the branding is a political liability, but the American people see through political games. Trump’s Agenda 47 echoes Project2025 and will be implemented if Trump wins this November. We must stand united against all forms of fascism. Your vote = your voice. Use it to be heard! We cannot allow these extremists in power to eliminate all the progress we have made in this country.”

Arizona Legislative District 27 State House Candidate Deborah Howard offered:

Project 2025 is terrifying. Separation of church and state? Gone. Freedom of speech? Gone. Freedom of the press? Gone. Freedom to assemble? Gone. Gone. Gone. Gone…The authors are quite serious, and so is their candidate. Believe them. And vote accordingly.”

Former Legislative District Candidate Eric Kurland stated:

They are basically saying this crap out loud but nobody outside of the hyperactive is listening because of the deafening attention to Biden’s age anvil. Just one more reason for the President to step aside and allow the Democrats to save this great nation.”

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