Arizona House Democratic Candidates speak out against Mr. Trump’s racist comments and his Enablers


As of 7:03 p.m. Arizona time on July 18. 2019, all of the Democratic members of the Arizona House Delegation have spoken out or voted against (in a Congressional Resolution) Mr. Trump’s continued vile racist attacks against four young congresswomen (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib.)

The 2016 Popular Vote Loser even held a “rally” in North Carolina where his blind followers, encouraged by Mr. Trump’s bellicose fascist comments, shouted out “SEND HER BACK.”

These are not the words a sitting (or former) President of the United States should use anytime or anywhere.

Where are the Arizona Republicans in condemning Mr. Trump’s disgusting racist comments? Why did none of them vote for the resolution approved in the House yesterday on a bipartisan basis condemning the President’s racist comments?

Well, they are either shielding him by switching the subject like Congressional District Five Representative Andy Biggs, making outlandish excuses for his behavior like Congressional District Eight Representative  Debbie Lesko, making the matter worse like Congressional District Four Representative (and racist fan) Paul Gosar (who tweeted that the four women were like the “Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse,) or deciding to remain silent like the electorally vulnerable Congressional District Six Representative David Schweikert.

Well, some of the Democrats running against these reactionary enablers have decided to make their position on Mr. Trump’s comments known as well as their views on the reactions from their prospective Republican opponents.

Arizona 2020 Democratic Congressional District Five Candidate Joan Greene commented that:

2020 Democratic Congressional Five Candidate Joan Greene

“The escalation of Trump’s vile rhetoric, with the full support of my opponent, is their need to distract us from their unpopular and hateful agenda.

While they manipulate and hinder progress, I will continue to be the interim Congresswoman for Congressional District 5, as I work on solving the kitchen table problems that keep our families up at night.”

Arizona 2020 Democratic Congressional District Six Candidate Anita Malik relayed that:

2020 Democratic Congressional District Six Candidate Anita Malik

“The President’s comments are racist, divisive and extremely dangerous. There is a reason this type of language is unlawful according to Federal Employment law. It is harmful and causes lasting damage.

An employer can not make “go back” remarks to a worker or potential hire, but David Schweikert feels it is fine if the President of our great country says this to elected leaders because it is all just a political game to them. It is cowardice not to condemn Trump’s remarks. And by his vote, David Schweikert is condoning racism.”

Arizona 2020 Democratic Congressional District Six Candidate Dr. Hiral Tipirneni stated that:

2020 Arizona Democratic Congressional District Six Candidate Dr. Hiral Tipirneni

“My parents immigrated from India in 1971 when I was 3 years old. They chose America to be our home, learned a new language, embraced new traditions, and sacrificed to give their children a shot at the American dream.

I was 15 yrs old when a kid on my school bus told me to “go back where you came from.”

This is my home and my country. I proudly took an oath of allegiance when I became a naturalized citizen. My family has worked hard to give back to this nation that welcomed me as a little girl.

For our President to repeat the same words to ANY American that a high school bully spoke to me 35 years ago is shameful. It feeds into a hateful & demonizing narrative that has no place in our nation. I implore all elected officials to condemn the comments made and stand up for the values on which our great nation was founded. #WeBelong”

Arizona 2020 Democratic Congressional District Eight Candidate Michael Muscato wrote that:

2020 Arizona Democratic Congressional District Eight Candidate Michael Muscato

“At times of division within a country, real leaders do not resort to name-calling, epithets of any kind, and finger-pointing. Real leaders hold themselves accountable and look at what’s best for the American people, not their political party. The events of this week show that the Republican Party leadership, from top to bottom, state and federal, including Debbie Lesko, are incapable of exercising the leadership necessary to move our country forward and include everyone who isn’t just like them. Our hometown and our country are worth fighting for. “

All of the Democratic candidates offering the above statements believe in an inclusive UNITED States of America where everyone, regardless of the color of their skin, the faith they choose to practice, and the views they champion are afforded the equal opportunity to engage in the civic process, work to move  the country forward, and live the American Dream as long as they follow the laws that govern this nation.

Where are most of the current members of the Party of Lincoln on this? They are nowhere to be found.

It is a shame that the “Republican Party,” founded by the people who freed the slaves and launched the Progressive Movement are now helmed by plutocratic reactionary legislators and a leader who was endorsed for President in 2016 by the Ku Klux Klan.

It is a shame that these same Republican “public servants” do not put the interests of the country ahead of one rotting (from within) political party and one self-serving fascist demagogue who treats the Presidency like a reality television show.

They need to become the Party of Lincoln again.

Until they do, it is the job of others, like the people who offered their perspective in this piece, to point out where they have failed the American Way.

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    • Loud applause. 🙂

      We were talking about confessed rapist Trump being a racist back in 2015, with a few of the right wing trolls saying “nu-huh”.

      He’s always been a racist, but his showing it openly now is partly to please his racist base, but mostly to steal the new cycle from his child concentration camps and the trillion dollar deficit he’s running.

      Wednesday Mueller testifies so expect the Presidential Harassment of The Squad to intensify.

  1. I’m confused.

    Trump says if you’re an immigrant and don’t like America go back to where you came from and fix that country.

    But he also says if you don’t like America, leave? Didn’t he mean to say that if you were born here and don’t like it, stay and fix it?

    How is it that Trump supporters heads don’t pop open and spew confetti all over the place?

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