On August 4, 2020, the Biden campaign released its Build Back Better Agenda for the Latino Community.

Like the campaigns earlier unveiling of its agendas to promote opportunity and equity for women and minorities in general, this program is geared to providing greater inclusiveness and benefits to a part of the American People that has been left behind in the Trump Administration and have been plagued with greater severity during the COVID 19 crisis.

Trump attacks on social justice programs (housing assistance, student loan interests, the minimum wage) have adversely affected working-class communities across all demographic groups.

So have his attacks on legal immigration avenues and protecting DACA children who came to this county with their parents.

During the pandemic, the situation has grown more burdensome for members of the Latino Community.

According to the CDC, there are 73 cases of COVID 19 per 10,000 people as of July 5, 2020. That is higher than Whites (23) or African Americans (62.)

Latino unemployment during the pandemic is at 14.5 percent whereas the percentage for whites is at 10.1 and African Americans are at 15.4.

How Joe Biden proposes to help the Latino Community?

 Former Vice President Biden’s agenda for the Latino Community includes pursuing:

  • “Ensure everyone Is treated with dignity.
  • Invest in Latinos’ economic mobility.
  • Make far-reaching investments in ending health disparities by race.
  • Expand access to high-quality education and tackle racial inequity in our education system.
  • Combat hate crimes and gun violence.
  • Secure our values as a nation of immigrants.”

Please click here to read the full text of the 2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee’s Plan.

Arizona Reaction to Biden’s plans to help the Latino Community

Several of Arizona’s Latino leaders have praised Mr. Biden’s Latino Community program.

 Congressman Ruben Gallego posted on social media.

State Senator Martin Quezada issued a statement through the Arizona Democratic Party.

 “Arizona’s Latinos are experiencing firsthand the consequences of Donald Trump’s failures as we grapple with his catastrophic coronavirus response. I’ve witnessed the results of his failed leadership up close as a State Senator serving a majority-minority working-class district in the West Valley, where Latinos’ lives and livelihoods are being thrown into chaos. Thanks to Trump, Latinx families are losing their jobs and small businesses, while Trump is still suing to take away their health care coverage during the pandemic. Latinos in Arizona and across the country deserve real leadership — that’s why we’ll reject Trump in November and elect Joe Biden as President.” 

State Representative Lorenzo Sierra also posted his support on social media.


Moving Forward

At a time when Donald Trump is seeking to divide America between his people (like-minded Fox Island-Trump Zone sycophantic cult followers) and the rest of the country, the nation desperately needs a leader who will offer an inclusive vision that brings everyone together and moves the nation forward.

Please remember:

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  • Arizona residents, mail your General Election ballot by October 28, 2020, for the November 3, 2020 election. With recent issues with the Post Office, you should consider mailing them out by October 23, 2020. 
  • Check-in with the Secretary of State’s office where you live to verify your mail-in ballot was received, processed, verified, and counted.
  • Know the voter ID requirements in your state.
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  • Also, please remember to stay informed on all the candidates and vote for all the offices on the ballot.
  • Also, remember to research all the ballot initiatives, sign to get them on the ballot if you support the measure, and vote on them as well.