The Biden/Harris Campaign released a newsletter showing the warm reception Arizona Democratic Leaders have given the 2020 Democratic Presidential and Vice Presidential Nominees.

It read:

Arizona Leaders Applaud Joe Biden’s Selection of Kamala Harris as Running Mate

Today, Joe Biden announced Kamala Harris as his running mate. Leaders from across Arizona applauded the selection:

“Arizona Democrats are thrilled to learn of Vice President Joe Biden’s choice for his running mate in this historic election, Senator Kamala Harris. As the Senator of America’s largest state, Senator Harris is ready to lead on Day One. She shares Joe Biden’s bedrock beliefs of standing up for all Americans and especially working families, and she is a proven fighter for the middle class,” said Arizona Democratic Party Chairwoman Felecia Rotellini. “As the former Attorney General of California, a lifelong civil rights leader, a Senator, and strong Presidential candidate, she is ready to be the Vice President of the United States. Senator Harris has always recognized Arizona’s importance as an emerging battleground state. She was a vital supporter of our success in 2018 when Arizonans elected four Democratic women to statewide office. The Arizona Democratic Party is committed to doing everything in its power to send Arizona’s eleven electoral votes to the Biden-Harris ticket and restore integrity to the White House this November.”

“I am thrilled to see Senator Harris join Joe Biden on the ticket. Kamala Harris has been a trailblazer since her first post in public service. She will undoubtedly bring an incredible breadth of experience, electricity and a forward-thinking outlook to the campaign, and ultimately to the White House. Together, she and Joe Biden will restore decency and honor to our nation’s highest office,” said Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick. “We can trust that they will assist struggling American families, implement strategies to see us out of this public health crisis and tackle some of our most pressing challenges to date, like racial inequity and inequality, access to quality health care, and combatting the effects of climate change. We can trust them because we have seen them deliver. Kamala Harris isn’t afraid of asking tough questions and delivering the hard facts. Americans deserve a leader who, unlike Pence, is finely attuned to the American reality — and who wishes to change it for the better. Now more than ever, we need Biden-Harris 2020 — join me in the fight, Arizona.”

U.S. Senator Kyrsten Sinema:

Congressman Ruben Gallego:


Congressman Greg Stanton:

Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords:

State Representative Raquel Terán:


Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego:


Former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods:

State Representative Isela Blanc (LD-26):


State Representative Daniel Hernandez Jr. (LD-2):

State Representative Andrés Cano (LD-3):

State Representative Reginald Bolding (LD-27):


State Representative Lela Alston (LD-24):

State Representative Alma Hernandez (LD-3):

State Representative Lorenzo Sierra (LD-19)

Other leading Arizona Democrats have also offered their insights into the Biden/Harris Ticket:

Maricopa County Democratic Party Chairperson Steve Slugocki

Kathy Hoffman

Congressional District Five Democratic Nominee Joan Greene

“It is a great day. You can just feel the excitement and the hope come back into our Nation.”

“Vice President Harris is a leader who will work closely with President Biden to right the wrongs that have been inflicted on our Country by Trump, his administration and the elected Republicans. Once again our Allies will welcome us.”
“Their election will bring a bright new day that works for everyone, not just a few.”

Congressional District Six Democratic Nominee Dr. Hiral Tipirneni 


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