Arizona Rednecks Plan Murrieta-Style Ugly American Protest in Oracle, AZ


statue of liberty5 UPDATEs at the end.

Two Oracle facilities may be sheltering unaccompanied migrant children soon– one in midtown Tucson at Oracle and Drachman and one tucked into the Catalina Mountains in Oracle, Arizona.

While liberals in Tucson are welcoming the children and touting the 250 jobs the migrant shelter and processing center will bring to a struggling part of the city, rednecks north of town are planning a Murrieta-style ugly American protest to greet 40 children who could be housed at the Sycamore Canyon Academy on the back side of Mountain Lemmon. (KVOA story here.)

You’ll remember that several days ago Murrieta, California made headlines when the mayor called for citizens to show their outrage against migrants coming to their town, and the citizens did just that– protesting and blocking the road, with the assistance of local police.

Now the ugly Americans want to stage a repeat in sleepy Oracle, Arizona.

Breitbart News on the national level and Seeing Red Arizona on the state level are pumping up the hype against 40 unaccompanied children being housed at a facility for trouble youth outside of rural Oracle. According to these two sources, Oracle protests are planned for tomorrow– July 15– and for Saturday, July 19.

According to the Canadian Free Press, 170 “anti-amnesty” ugly American protests are being planned around the country for July 18-19— including four in Arizona (two in Phoenix, one in Kingman, and the one in Oracle, Arizona.

For more background on the refugee children from Central America, check out these articles:
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UPDATE 1: For those of you who know Oracle, it’s not a redneck town. It is a “mixed” community (red, blue, and other).

Oracle liberals are planning a refugee event for July 15 also:

We will be gathering at the post office land (aka The Triangle) at 6:30 am this Tues. [July 15] morning to deliver a message of compassion and welcome to the migrant children who we understand will be taking up residence at Sycamore Canyon Academy.  Please do share/invite/forward to open hearts.

UPDATE 2: The Phoenix New Times is reporting that Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu tipped off conservative Oracle, Arizona residents about the movement of child refugees to the Sycamore Canyon Academy, thus sparking the dueling planned events for early Tuesday morning. Story here.

UPDATE 3: From Facebook, more lefties are organizing to greet the children the way children should be greeted… with love.

Looks like an Angel Intervention is needed in Oracle tomorrow. We are meeting TONIGHT [July 14] at the Global Justice Center at 6:30: 225 E. 26th St., South Tucson, AZ, 85713 #WeAreNotMurrieta #ProtectAllChildren #AngelProject

UPDATE 4: PDA Arizona has issue an action alert for progressives to go to Oracle to greet the refugee children with a warm “Bien Venidos” to Oracle. From PDA…

We are gathering on land right next to the Oracle Post Office in the center of town.
WHEN: Tuesday, July 15th @ 6:30 am
WHERE: Oracle Post Office parking lot.
CONTACT: Roberto Reveles, Somos America 480 – 983-8611

The bus, assuming it arrives as speculated, will pass near but not right by the location. Probably easiest way is to take 60 to Florence Junction then 79 thru Florence all the way to Oracle Junction (before Catalina). From there, turn up highway 77 to the first Oracle turnoff as marked. Come thru town right by the Oracle Inn to a triangle of land that includes the Post Office. You can park on the road or in the P.O. lot. You’ll see us by a big bill board we use for local purposes.

There is a crazy Tea Party group planning to stop the bus if they can. The local Tea Party has been agitated and is working with Sheriff Babeu. We’re steering clear of that situation.

Our message is simple and clear: Compassion for the wellbeing, and respect for rights of these children. These children are refugees and all as victims of adult decisions, are our principle concern. We will be bringing simple signs (Bienvenidos a Oracle, etc) and seek to define an alternative to the fear based panic that is rampant. There may be some media but they will be most attracted to the possible confrontation with local vigilantes on the road to Sycamore Canyon Academy. At some point, not necessarily tomorrow, religious leaders will seek to determine the condition of the camp and its humanitarian needs.

UPDATE5 5: The angel wing people are coming. Wear white.

Angel intervention tomorrow in the town of Oracle. Training tonight at 6:30, Global Justice Center, meet Tuesday morning at Southside Presbyterian Church 5:30 AM to carpool to Oracle. Wear white as we welcome these refugee children!


  1. I wonder how these “pro-amnesty” morons would feel if an illegal emptied out their checking account, cost them a job, or robbed, raped, or killed one of their children. Would they be so “pro” then?
    They simply don’t understand with their stupid mindset that MILLIONS of illegals are draining the resources of the states, adding to the pollution they complain about all the time, and commit crimes in the tens of THOUSANDS.
    But of course this is a “humanitarian crisis” and not the complete and total disrespect of this nation’s sovereignty, right?

  2. Sorry PhoenixRiver, but you do qualify as a stupid fucking redneck tea bag idiot. Family values my ass. WWJD, put ’em on a bus?

  3. If somebody breaks into your home, would you say Welcome or call 911, if you can? We don’t get almost any good from these low education, high crime “hard working” “undocumented” guests. It is time to say “Go Home, you are not welcome here”. Speak for yourself, not politically correct, help to kick these visitors out of US. By the way, there are plenty of ways to come here legally.

  4. How about this sign The native americans didn’t invite you either ;but you came anyway!

  5. It was a calm day in Oracle today. There were more supporters ready to welcome the refugee children, than there were anti-immigrant protesters. Sheriff Paul Babeu’s men were out in force, and the “Arizona State Militia” was armed and ready to help. No one blockaded the road. The two protest groups were separated by a few miles of desert road. Babeu estimated 150 total. All of the Tucson and Phoenix TV stations, the Arizona Daily Star, Tucson Sentinel, Arizona Public Media, Tucson Weekly, multiple bloggers, and tons of people with cameras and smart phones recorded the scene. Media villagers who have never mentioned the refugee children issue were there. No refugee buses came today. Word is that they will come in a few weeks, after repairs/modifications have been made to Sycamore Academy. Watch for a story, photos and video here and on Check out my live Tweets and live photos @p2hannley (displayed at the bottom of this page).

  6. Rednecks? REDNECKS???? How about a rebuttal entitled, “Idiot writer beaten to a pulp by educated, hard-working, Arizona redneck.” Watch your words there Pal. Jus because I don’t want illegal, diseased, refugees in my country, doesn’t mean I have ANYTHING to do with the word REDNECK. Liberal fucking bastard!

  7. “Once upon a time SOMEONE wrote a poem”

    Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
    Send these, the homeless, tempest tost to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door

    Yeah, it’s the inscription on the Statue of Liberty, and neither of the words “legal” nor “immigrant” appear in it. It just offers welcome to all.

    Unfortunately, it seems America is no longer the “land of the free and the home of the brave.”

    No, it seems now we’re a bunch of cowards frightened of children. America, where is our courage?

  8. These are not rednecks these folks are regular Americans from all over Arizona. It’s sick that the Marxist lefties are willing to throw away American sovereignty to advance their agenda to destroy America and support a fascist regime. The patriots going to Oracle will be doing the job that the feckless administration of BHO has ordered ICE and border patrol not to do.

  9. This story is moving fast. There are 3 updates– including the New Times report that Sheriff Paul Babeu tipped off conservative Oracle residents about the refugees being moved to Oracle.

  10. We saw these same folks in the sixties with water hoses, dogs, burning crosses and the like. Not much different in attitude. So called adults intimidating women and children. It doesn’t get much lower.

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