The two Republican nominees for the Arizona Corporation Commission, Kevin Thompson, and Nick Myers are in the news…

For all the wrong reasons.


Mr. Thompson was cited by the League of Conservation Voters as one of the Dirty Dozen candidates across the country regarding environmental policies.

In their announcement, the League wrote of Thompson:

“Kevin Thompson spent over a decade working at Southwest Gas, the largest provider of fracked gas in the state and one of the same companies he’d be tasked with regulating as Commissioner. He also served on the American Gas Association’s public policy committee, a trade association who has fought against many local climate initiatives. Thompson opposes mandates like the state’s renewable energy standard, incentives for electric vehicles, and even energy efficiency requirements for utilities. If a seat is flipped on the ACC this year, it could be the swing vote to bring 100% clean electricity to Arizona.”

Politifact was just as critical of Mr. Meyers designating his claim during the Corporation Commission debate last month that aid to Tribal Nations to help them recover from local coal plant closures was equivalent to foreign aid as pants on fire.

Reacting to these recent events, Corporation Commission Nominee Lauren Kuby posted:

It is very important to move Arizona further toward a green sustainable future.

That will not happen with Kevin Thompson and Nick Meyers.

It will be with Sandra Kennedy and Lauren Kuby.

Please remember to vote for all the races listed on the ballot this year.

The future depends on this.