In an event hosted by Matt Grodsky of Matters of State Strategies to introduce new messaging partner Rachel Bitecofer and highlight Secretary of State candidate Adrian Fontes, the former Maricopa County Recorder had a message for all the attendees:

Be afraid. Be very afraid for our Democracy.


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In opening remarks, Mr. Fontes described the scene at the State Capitol the evening before where people were marching and showing their support for a woman’s right to choose which the draft opinion of Justice Alito on Roe v Wade shows is severely threatened.

He then warned:

“We’ve never seen fundamental rights withdrawn from Americans…We knew it was coming. We knew they were angling for it. We saw the movement towards it by capturing first school district offices, then moving into state houses across the United States, eventually taking a lot of Congressional seats and eventually putting their man into the White House and then bang bang bang, violating their own rules, their own precedent, stacking the Supreme Court, and now look where we are…”

“…Given the opportunity, these folks will absolutely UnAmerica America.”

The former Maricopa County Recorder then said “we can not pretend that this is going to stop,” telling everyone these fringe reactionaries would next come after gay marriage, natural born citizenship, and, minorities.

Mr. Fontes rightfully said “THIS IS NOT A GAME and for many of them they treat it as such.” and commented that on the irony that it would take the reality of they are coming after a woman’s right to choose to wake people up and say “this is real.”

He then pivoted and stressed the importance of the Secretary of State office he is running for and how it represents a guard rail protecting a person’s right to vote, calling elections “the golden thread that protects this Democracy.”

Commenting on electability, Mr. Fontes reminded everyone that “if we can’t win elections, we can not govern and if we can not govern, the Republic is doomed. We absolutely have to win…We’re the ones that want to make sure everyone’s fundamental rights are protected…We can’t do it if we’re not in office…If we do not have candidates that are electable statewide, we can not win…”

He then went after the Republicans and their attack on Democracy, saying the members of the former party of Lincoln have “been constantly trying to narrow” access to voting from “our brother and sister citizens.”

He called on his team of volunteers to go out and bring more people to the team, grow the campaign, and get the word out statewide, telling everyone to remember that the forces on the other side (including candidate Mark Finchem) they are up against are the ones who helped stage the January 6, 2021 Insurrection at the Nation’s Capitol and are continual threats to the American and Arizonan Ideals.

In growing their campaign team, Fontes said their community would be on the frontlines of “preserving this Republic and the protection of the Democracy that ensures that we can gather, that we can protest like we did last night, that we can choose our own leaders, and extend into the future, the promise of a progressive nation…Together, we will protect this Democracy.

At the conclusion of his remarks, the former Maricopa County Recorder emphasized the urgency of reaching out to the Latino Community.

Noting that in the last election, the Latino support for Donald Trump shifted in his favor by 13 points, Mr. Fontes said it was because “Democrats don’t speak Spanish. We don’t talk to all of Arizona’s voters.”

He then said that “if we are going to have an electable candidate for Secretary of State, there is only one candidate in this race (Fontes said this part in both Spanish and English) on either side of the aisle who will be able to clearly communicate and bring back a lot of those folks and let people know that it is true that our party actually represents your values better…”

Mr. Fontes also emphasized that Democrats had to be better at talking about “Thursday morning issues” or what people have to deal with everyday. He said that the inability to discuss this kitchen table issues are reasons why Democrats are losing union membership and working families to Republicans, offering “that we have to have a candidate that can communicate the values of the Democratic Party to those voters.”

He concluded his comments stating: “with you, I’m going to win.”

Professor Rachel Bitecofer rallies the Fontes and Matters of State Strategies Teams.

Before Mr. Fontes spoke, new messaging partner and noted political scientist Rachel Bitecofer addressed the Fontes and  Matters of State Strategies teams.

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She told everyone gathered that it was “critical” that they not lose the statewide offices like Mark Kelly’s Senate seat and the Secretary of State office Mr. Fontes is running for, reminding them that the Republican candidates are not even hiding what reactionary and fringe measures they would move to enact if elected, saying “it is as UnAmerican as you are ever going to get.”

Professor Bitecofer then relayed that “it is our job to make sure that when people come to vote in the fall in Arizona, they know what the stakes are. They understand Democracy itself is on the ballot and that every single person that we can compel to vote Pro-Democracy in this 2022 cycle did so because we were there, blood, sweat, and tears making clear what the stakes are…It is about whether we’re going to be a fundamental Democracy where every citizen is an equal under the law…”

She also reminded the people of the Republican designs to raise taxes on all working and middle class families while also phasing out Social Security and Medicare.

She also credited the release of the Alito draft opinion on the overturning of Roe v Wade with sparking Democratic and mainstream factions to wake up and rally from now until Election Day, calling it “a huge opportunity” and “we’re going to make it clear that we are fighting for fundamental liberty to maintain the right of privacy which is the foundation of so many civil rights in this country and we’re going to take the fight right to the Republicans and we’re going to make them explain what they are about, what they are planning to the state, and hopefully we can convince Arizonans of all ilk to rise up this time and say HELL NO, we won’t go that way.”