The 2022/23 School Year is here and Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman has released a message to all education stakeholders, welcoming this joyous occasion.

“The start of every school year is a special time. Whether it’s a child’s first day of school, last first day of school, or somewhere in between, we are wishing educators, families, and our children a wonderful start to the year. We want every child to know that we are rooting for them as they head back to the classroom.”

Superintendent Hoffman has already begun visiting schools that have already opened on a year-long calendar.

Last week, she visited the Maricopa Unified School District, praising its investment in new counselors thanks to the School Safety Program she helped launch. She posted:


The Superintendent has also continued to urge Governor Ducey and the Republican-controlled State Legislature to call a special session and waive the Aggregate Expenditure Limit, posting:

The Superintendent is right. Governor Ducey and the Republicans in the Arizona Legislature can not jeopardize the 2022/23 school year like they nearly did last year by playing Russian Roulette with school appropriations.

The clock is ticking now and Arizona’s leaders have a responsibility to address this challenge for the sake of the Grand Canyon state’s children, families, and educators.