Arizona Voters have an important decision to make in the 2020 elections.

Make no mistake about the significance of the 2020 elections.

They are a referendum on what direction to steer Arizona and the country.

Do Arizona and the country go forward, stand still, or move backward?

Does the nation continue on the path of the nativist, ignorant, and reactionary brand of Trumpism-Republicanism that has rotted out the Party of Lincoln by reelecting the person who has the dubious distinction of being the Chief Executive to have been endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan in 2016, lose the popular vote by three million votes, become an unindicted coconspirator (Individual One) and the third President Impeached in United States History?

Does the country continue on a course designed to fulfill Enemy of the People Mitch McConnell’s quest to stack the federal judiciary with jurists who could be extras from Inherit the Wind and The Handmaids Tale by returning Senators like Martha McSally to the Senate?

Do the people want to return public servants to the National and State Legislatures as well as county offices who do not believe in science, climate change, fully funding schools, helping the poor, and protecting the disadvantaged by keeping the Arizona State Capital under Republican control and letting fringe Representatives like Debbie Lesko, Andy Biggs, Paul Gosar, and David Schweikert go back to Washington?

Do the people want school board members and local judges that want to live in a nonexistent 1950’s “Leave it to Beaver” society or do they want individuals that live in the Twenty-First Century, believe in equal treatment and respect for everyone and believe in science fact over science fiction.

Arizona Democrats (and like-minded Independents and Republicans) need to pay attention to every race on the 2020 ballot from the President to the local dog catcher.

While the Presidential election and Senate race between Martha McSally and Mark Kelly are extremely important to determine whether or not Arizona and the country move forward, the other races at the state, local, and county levels are equally vital to the state and nation.

If Arizona voters care about having public servants that believe in an inclusive future of opportunity and prosperity for all, they should consider the gifted Congressional candidates ( Delina DiSanto, Joan Greene, Anita Malik, Stephanie Rimmer, Dr. Hiral Tipirneni, Michael Muscato, and Bob Musselwhite) running against the Freedom Caucus fringe and ethically challenged figures currently representing Arizona Congressional Districts Four (Gosar,) Five (Biggs,) Six (Schweikert,) and Eight (Lesko.)

If Arizona voters care about fully funding schools and infrastructure, providing affordable housing and health care, and providing a ladder for children and their families to climb out of poverty, they should consider electing candidates (like Kristin Dybvig-Pawelko, Coral Evans, Felicia French, Kathy Knecht, JoAnna Mendoza, Linda Patterson, Christine Porter Marsh, Lynsey Robinson, Judy Schwiebert, Seth Blattman, Doug Ervin, and Eric Kurland) to a State Legislature that pays attention to these priorities over tax cuts for people who do not need them.

If Arizona voters care about the safety of their drinking water or the accuracy in the curriculum their children receive in the classroom, then they should elect County Supervisors or School Board Members that share those priorities.

On the importance Arizona voters should place on all the offices being contested on the 2020 ballot, Maricopa County Democratic Party Communications Director Edder Diaz-Martinez wrote:

“It is crucial to begin talking about local elections in 2020. For too long Democrats have ignored the down-ballot races, giving up important seats like the Maricopa County School Superintendent seat or the County Attorney position.

These races are vital because not only do they have an immediate impact on your daily life, it will impact the lives of your neighbors, your friends, and your family every day. Local elections cannot be ignored. The Maricopa County Democratic Party stresses the importance of voting from the bottom of the ballot and working your way to the top.”

Arizona Voters have more to consider in 2020 than just the Presidential and McSally-Kelly Senate Races.

If voters want an Arizona and Country that moves forward, then they need to pay attention to every race on the ballot and vote for the candidates best qualified to steer in that direction.