Arizona Women’s Political Caucus 2016 primary election endorsements



The Arizona Women’s Political Caucus is proud to announce our
2016 Primary Election Candidate Endorsements.
Please help us in congratulating all our endorsed candidates and be sure to click on the links below to learn more about the candidates in your district and how you can help push them to victory!
If you are unsure about your district click here.

*Designates incumbent or Previously Endorsed

Pima County Races:

  • Pima County Board of Supervisors District 3
  • Pima County Attorney                                   
  • Pima County Recorder                                  
    • F. Ann Rodriguez*

Arizona Legislature:
LD 2

LD 3

  • Senate              Olivia Cajero Bedford*

LD 4

LD 6

LD 8

LD 9

LD 10

LD 11

LD 16

LD 17

LD 18

LD 23

LD 24

LD 25

LD 27

LD 28

As a multi partisan organization and affiliate of the National Women’s Political Caucus, AWPC works across party boundaries to gain equality; whether a candidate is Republican, Democrat or Independent, we support pro-choice candidates and officials in elected and appointed office.

Thank you for your continued support. Your commitment has helped AWPC make a positive difference in Arizona politics since 1971!

Together we are changing the face of Arizona politics!


Stephanie Coronado, AWPC State President


7 responses to “Arizona Women’s Political Caucus 2016 primary election endorsements

  1. Vote for Joel Feinman for Pima County Attorney. Barbara LaWall incarcerates too many people.
    I agree we need more women in government, but the woman is not always the best choice.

  2. Donna M Crane

    Why didn’t you include Cara Prior in the LD16 group with Sharon Stinnard. Cara is a true Progressive Democrat and I think she should have been included.

    • Don’t know how these endorsements are made. Best to contact AWPC directly at: I wondered why LD 10 House candidates Kirsten Engel and Courtney Frogge weren’t mentioned either.

      • Voters can choose two candidates. With the endorsement of incumbent Stefanie Mach, they probably were unable to choose between Kirsten and Courtney for the second spot. Both Kirsten and Courtney seem to be running strong campaigns.

        • Carolyn Classen

          Yes, Jim I guess that’s what happened with the AWPC lack of endorsement for either Engel or Frogge. We’ll see what the voters say on primary night of Aug. 30. Thanks for commenting.