Arizona’s classrooms, Brewer style

by David Safier

This speaks volumes about the way our Accidental Guv sees our classrooms, and pretty much the way she would like to see the state in general.

Here's the photo that heads the Improving Our Schools page on Brewer's campaign website:


Count them. One, two, three, four, five lovely anglo faces.

Count once more. One, two, three of the anglo children are blond.

I guess all those "other" children Arizona has to educate too (It's the law . . . sigh) are in their English Immersion classes where they belong.

Tell me, Jan. When those little brown children develop enough English proficiency to be put in class with the important normal rest of the children, do their complexions lighten along with their Spanish accents?

Here's the one question on today's exam, boys and girls:

Arizona's Republican party represents:

(a) all Arizona

(b) white Arizona

Jan, what do they put in that Kool-Aid they feed you? Or do you put it in there yourself?

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