With the Trump Administration extending the social distance guidelines until the end of April because of the Coronavirus along with Doug Ducey and Kathy Hoffman closing Arizona’s schools for the rest of the school year for the same reason, several of Arizona’s Mayors have sent a letter to the Grand Canyon State Governor, asking him to institute a statewide Stay at Home order for all Arizonans.

The Mayors, led in part by Mayor Coral Evans of Flagstaff, have been the prime proponents of taking a proactive approach to combatting the Coronavirus.


Stating that they were aware that public health officials in Arizona had already recommended the Stay at Home order to the Governor, the Mayors wrote:

“Arizona must not squander the opportunity to learn from the unfolding events in our sister states and immediately formalize a statewide Stay-At-Home order to ensure that we pursue every avenue to #flattenthecurve of this devastating pandemic.”

The Mayors are right. An ounce of prevention (the Stay at Home order) is preferable to the pound of cure (an imposed quarantine after confusion among cities and towns leads to greater death rates, prolonged duration of the virus, and profound socio-economic misery.)

Governor Ducey needs to impose a statewide Stay at Home order for all of Arizonans’ safety and to reduce the number of fatalities.

It is better to be the Governor to follow the lead of the Mayors and be remembered as the State Leader that acted proactively to save lives rather than staying the course and watching the public health care emergency worsen.

A full text of the letter to Mr. Ducey can be accessed below.

The Arizona Mayors who signed the letter are:

  • Mila Besich of Superior
  • Ginny Dickey of Fountain Hills
  • Coral Evans of Flagstaff
  • Kate Gallego of Phoenix
  • Alexis Hermosillo of El Mirage
  • Thomas L. McCauley of Winslow
  • Valerie Molina of Guadalupe
  • Regina Romero of Tucson
  • Ana Tovar of Tolleson

Letter to Governor Doug Ducey from West Valley Mayors re Stay at Home Order[1]

UPDATE: At 2:20 p.m. Arizona time, Governor Doug Ducey announced a Stay at Home order for Arizona residents. Please click on the video link of the Governor’s announcement by clicking here.