Reporting from both ABC News and AZ Central has relayed that Arizona is leading the world for the second time in less than a year on the rate of new COVID 19 cases over a seven day period.

The number in Arizona is 121.8 new COVID 19 cases over a week’s time.


This surge will lead to greater strain on medical facilities in the Grand Canyon State and front line workers in the health care profession.

There is still no statewide mask mandate.

Vaccine distribution is slower than anticipated.

COVID 19 regulations for small and large businesses have been relaxed by Dr. Cara Christ.

Contrary to the suggestion of Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman, there is no statewide order for all Arizona schools to open virtually following the two-week winter break where the chances for increased Coronavirus spread are potentially greater because many families decided to travel across the state and country.

As of now, a little over 9,000 Arizonans are dead. How many of those fatalities could have been avoided if there had been stronger leadership at the helm of the state government?

Where is Governor Doug Ducey? What is he going to do about the Pandemic at this stage?

Grand Canyon State residents desperately need a leader who will take charge and institute Coronavirus mitigation measures that could still stem the tide of the COVID 19 surge.

They do not need as Arizona Public Health Association Director Will Humble indicated in a quote to AZ Central, a leader that has:

“…been unwilling to implement evidence-based interventions this fall including authentic enforcement of the existing ‘required’ mitigation measures for bars, restaurants, and nightclubs.”

In a January 4, 2021 op-ed, AZ Central columnist Elvia Diaz noted that Mr. Ducey has taken the sensible step to deliver the January 11, 2021 State of the State Address virtually.

Yet, as Diaz pointed out, there was no new statewide mask mandate. There was no about-face on opening schools virtually or fully listening to health care experts.

Joe Thomas, the President of the Arizona Education Association, comparing Ducey’s position on delivering the State of the State virtually to what Arizona teachers have to do every day, posted on social media that:

“Of course, Gov Ducey will deliver his State of the State speech online. Speaking in-person for an hour in front of a packed room of people wouldn’t be safe. Right?”

As mentioned in previous articles, Doug Ducey needs to put aside the sentiments of his science-denying alternative reality political base (they, after his refusing to play along with Trump’s wish to steal the election in Arizona, are not going to vote for him anyway) and take firm steps that will ensure the health and safety of all Arizonans.

Otherwise, state historians will always write: Where was Governor Doug Ducey during the COVID 19 Pandemic? Why did he vacillate while so many died when he could have taken steps to prevent some of those deaths?