Political newcomer Anna Hernandez does not think highly of many career politicians at the Arizona State Legislature.

Because of their efforts, Hernandez feels they bear at least some responsibility for Arizona being fifth in incarcerations and 48th in education spending.


For this and other personal reasons (like losing her father to COVID after having to go back to work to pay the bills and wanting a better future for her nieces and nephews) Ms. Hernandez has decided to run for the Arizona State Senate in the new Legislative District (LD) 24.

Saying “we need to be represented by people that understand the impact of their decisions and I’m running because we deserve better and I’m committed to fighting for all of us,” Ms. Hernandez vows to put family and community at the center of her priorities.

If elected, she will work to:

  • Fully fund education.
  • Make housing more affordable.
  • End police and I.C.E. violence.
  • Provide quality jobs to the community.
  • Secure resources to help people dealing with mental health and substance use challenges.

Ms. Hernandez graciously took the time to discuss her candidacy.

The questions and her responses are below.

  • What are least two reasons you want to run for a term in the Arizona State Senate in LD 24?

One of my main reasons I am running is that I believe we need true representation in that district for the families, the community, and the values and the resources that our families really need.

Another reason is I feel I have a lot of lived experience and understand the impact of the choices that are made at the state legislature in relation to how they affect our daily lives and the impacts they have. I understand the weight of the decisions that are made on policy and I want to help govern through that and really reflect what is needed in LD 24.

  • What are these two reasons voters should elect you over any opponent in this legislative race?

One of the reasons would be that I am centering community; I’m centering values and families Those are the main features of my platform. It makes me want to fight for the things that really matter to us.

To the people of LD 24, that sets me apart from any other opponent, because in centering community and family, I’m out talking to voters. I’m out knocking on doors, having tough conversations with them on what is really of concern to them. Through that, I’m seeing that we share the same values. So, the values that I carry as a candidate reflect on values that I carry in my personal life. And those are shared with the voters in LD 24. So, I think that is one of the things that sets me apart.

The other thing that sets me apart is because I have a bold stance on a lot of things. I think that we’re at a time where we need boldness. We need a candidate that’s going to truly stand up for the people of LD 24. I’m not afraid to have those tough conversations. I’m not afraid to take a tough stance on certain things and I’m really bold about championing our people, our communities, our families, and all the resources that are needed.

  • If elected, what are at least four issues you will focus on in the legislature?

 One of the issues I would really fight for funding public education. I think that needs to be better addressed.

Another issue I am going to take a stance on is policing. That means reducing, the funding that goes into law enforcement agencies so that those funds can be invested into community resources that are critical and family resources that are needed.

The third issue that I am going to champion is breaking the relationship between police and ICE  and trying to repeal back some of  the laws from SB1070 that’s a heavy thing that, you know, affects LD 24 because it is a large immigrant community and it is something that really matters to them and is important.

The fourth issue would be addressing the housing situation we have and just how unaffordable, you know, rent and, and owning homes has become in LD 24 and across Arizona.

Are you for Universal Pre-K?

I am for Universal Pre-K.

Are you in favor of expanding Kids Care?


What about sustainability and green energy?

Yes, I am definitely forming to push policy on that. I think that is very important, especially considering LD 24 has some of the worst air and water quality and it actually has reduced, your livable age by it compares by 10 years, less than some of the areas in Scottsdale. I want to  really push policy to get us to bring in sustainable energy and clean, clean energy into, into our district and into the state.

  • Is there anything I covered in the first three questions you’d like to read us to know about you and your candidacy? Please explain.

I’m new on the political scene and I think a lot of times that is undervalued as a political candidate.

I have a fresh take on so many things that could benefit our district and state as a whole.

And I really believe in addressing the root cause of issues. I believe in addressing not just putting a band aid on the things that we see on the issues that we face, but really, really analyzing and addressing the root cause.

So, I’m really going to champion for the people of LD 24 and as Arizona as a whole, and, you know, do my, do my best to bring some, some true change to the district and state.

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