Democratic Maricopa County Treasurer Candidate Dan Toporek

Army Chief Warrant Officer Daniel Toporek wants to take the leadership and ethical skills he developed in the military and apply them as the next Maricopa County Treasurer in January 2021.

If elected, Mr. Toporek would bring a culture of transparency, good character, competence, and inclusiveness to the Treasurer position.

The current Maricopa County Treasurer Royce Flora and his handpicked deputy, disgraced and controversial former legislator (but still current anti-immigrant and eugenicist) Russell Pierce have not demonstrated the transparency, good character, competence, and inclusiveness while occupying their offices.

Treasurer Flora does not like to talk to the press, claiming that they will not quote him accurately.

His unqualified deputy treasurer and friend Russell Pierce has continued to spread his alt-right propaganda, stating at an “event” called “Patriotism over Socialism” that, in order to preserve an ideal American culture as he sees it (one with restrictions to the rights of immigrants and same-sex couples), it:

“..may take the shedding of blood to keep this Republic. And I, for one, am willing to do whatever it takes,”  

When confronted with what the hateful comments his deputy treasurer had said, Treasurer Flora dismissed them, saying Pierce had a First Amendment right to say whatever he wanted on his own time.

Flora did not fire Pierce or engineer his retirement.

What character. What spirit of inclusiveness. What competence.

If elected, Dan Toporek will not follow Mr. Flora’s example.

Mr. Toporek graciously sat down at Lola’s to relay his qualifications for Treasurer and what priorities he would pursue if elected.

The questions and his responses are below.

  • Please tell the reader about yourself and give at least two reasons you are qualified to serve as the next Maricopa County Treasurer?

“The Treasurer’s position is one of special trust. The Treasurer must faithfully and fairly protect the interest of all taxpayers. I have over thirty-four years of military service that confirms my integrity and dedication to honorably serve others. Taxpayers can trust me to lead the Treasurer’s office and ensure that we will protect the interests of all taxpayers.”

One of the most important qualities of any executive office is leadership, one must be able to set a vision for their organization and lead the team towards that vision. In my military career, I have had leadership experience at every level of military service, from leading tactical missions in combat theaters to leading and managing large military programs. This leadership experience will enable me to create the environment of trust necessary to make any of the changes required to improve service to the taxpayer.”

 “Many of my positions gave me experience in managing, budgeting, and prioritizing resources. As the Army National Guard Aviation Training Officer, I managed a $150 million portfolio of Aviation Schools and individual training for over 10,000 Army National Guard Soldiers and Officers and ensured our Soldiers were well trained and ready to deploy.”

  • Please tell the reader what are at least two duties of the Maricopa County Treasurer?

“The obvious answer is that the Treasurer administers the collection and distribution of County tax dollars. Another less well-understood duty is that between collection and disbursement the Treasurer manages the investment of collected taxes to increase County revenues and to help reduce the tax burden on County taxpayers. The Treasurer is also the key financial record keeper and advisor to the County Board of Supervisors on matters of budget execution.”

  • Please tell the reader at least two reasons you would be a better County Treasurer than the current County incumbent

“I will put the interest of the taxpayer first, ahead of friends, politics, or special interests. The incumbent has placed a poorly qualified political associate in the $156,000 per year Deputy Chief Treasurer position. That position is for the County’s key financial expert. I will work for the best interest of the County’s taxpayers and ensure that the next Deputy Chief Treasurer is the most qualified person for the job and not a friend or political ally.”

 “I will place greater emphasis on keeping distressed taxpayers in their homes, instead of working to make it easier for real estate investors to profit from taxpayers in distress.”

We need a Treasurer that has the courage to open the Office of the Treasurer to the people and let the people know how and what their Treasurer operates.does. I will work for greater transparency in the Office of the Treasurer.”

  • If elected, what will be at least two goals you will have as Maricopa County Treasurer?

“I will create a more transparent Treasurer’s Office, where taxpayers can see the entire tax process. The people need to see the process, so everyone can see they are treated fairly and can trust that their tax dollars are handled properly.”

I will ensure that the Treasurer’s Office has a climate of respect for all its employees, customers, and taxpayers. We cannot tolerate public officials that empower or support racism.”

I will create a climate where innovation is welcomed and explored, and I will work to expand collaboration with other County offices, we need to increase communication within the County to share best practices and successes.”


  • What would you like the voters to know about yourself that was not covered in the preceding questions

 “I want people to know that like all political races, this is about the character in deeds. I have worked my entire adult life to protect this Nation in peacetime and in combat, and I will work equally hard to ensure that all people are treated with respect and the taxpayer’s interest will be served above all else. We cannot tolerate any public official who has put the needs of political friends ahead of the interest of the people.”

Maricopa County revenues have more than tripled since 2016. That is no more because of Mr. Flora and his team’s skills than the nation’s economic performance is for Donald Trump and his people.

In November 2020, voters in Maricopa County will need to decide which candidate offers the vision and character to serve in the Treasurer’s office.

Treasurer Flora, by being a recluse from the media and embracing his alt-right deputy treasurer Mr. Pierce, has demonstrated that his vision and character may not be what the great majority of the people in the county want or need in a public servant.

Chief Warrant Officer Daniel Toporek appears to have the leadership experience and character to take the Treasurer’s office in a sharply different direction than Mr. Flora.

He is a candidate that voters should study and consider when choosing the next Treasurer in 2020.

For more information on Daniel Toporek and his candidacy, please click on his website here and his Facebook Page here.