While Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has proven during this pandemic he is fearful of backlash from the Science Denying-Trump Zone-Fox Island-Disinfo War branch of the Republican Party personified by the great thinkers (not) Kelly Ward, Kelly Townsend, Andy Biggs, and Paul Gosar, he at least, Thank God, is not as bad as Florida’s Angel of Death and Science Denying Moron Governor Ron DeSantis.

Arizonans should be thankful for this small mercy but not by much.


In reporting by Forbes Magazine, Mr. DeSantis, the consummate Trump butt kisser, decided the best thing to do for the Floridians under his stewardship was to extend his Executive Order banning Florida’s local mayors from mandating the wearing of masks in their cities or towns.

Daniella Levine Calla, the Mayor of Miami-Dade County, reacting to DeSantis’s ill-advised move, tweeted:


Christopher King, the 2018 candidate for Florida Lieutenant Governor, perhaps eying the top job in 2022, also tweeted:

Doug Ducey at least did give the power to local mayors in the Grand Canyon State to mandate the wearing of masks. That has resulted in 90 percent of Arizonans being under some version of a mask-wearing mandate.

However, like the Mayors of Flagstaff, Phoenix, Tolleson, and Tucson have pointed out, that is not enough with Arizona COVID 19 cases surging. This is due in part to a lack of a statewide coordinated response from Mr. Ducey because he fears a backlash from his science-denying base.

Florida’s DeSantis has not looked to adopt any statewide plan to combat the pandemic and he can not even bring himself to, unlike Ducey, let Mayors protect their residents with Anti COVID 19 measures of their own. Republican and Democratic Mayors in Florida asked DeSantis to give them the power to mandate the wearing of masks. He said no and is apparently no longer taking phone calls from Mayors in South Florida.

Ducey has that problem too in contacting some Democratic Mayors.

Florida is also one of the few states (all of which are led by Republican Governors) that have little to no Mask Wearing Mandates.

According to data from the New York Times, over the last two weeks, Florida has seen a 47 percent increase change in higher COVID 19 cases. There has been a 25 percent rise in hospitalizations and a ten percent increase in deaths.

This is not a situation where the Florida Governor should continue to be relaxing Coronavirus restrictions and seemingly adopting a herd immunity approach to the pandemic.

The Floridians that survive DeSantis’s policies will have an opportunity to show what they think of them in November 2022.

Unfortunately, that is two years from now and the people of Florida need a Governor that will accept the science and lead from reality’s perspective today.

So does Arizona but at least they do not have to build from scratch.