AZ GQP Ballot Measure Would Give One Legislative District A Minority Veto Over Citizens Initiatives

What they can’t stop by the popular vote – more than 60% of which comes from Maricopa County, and much of the rest comes from Pima County – anti-democracy MAGA Republicans do so by rigging the rules of the game. The AZ GQP has been trying to nullify your constitutional right to citizens initiatives for … Read more

Special Counsel’s Criminal Grand Jury Subpoenas Nevada Fake GQP Electors – What Is Happening With Arizona’s Two Sets Of Fake GQP Electors?

Update to AG Kris Mayes Is Investigating Trump’s Fake GQP Electors: “I will investigate the fake electors’ situation, and I will take very seriously any effort to undermine our democracy,” Mayes said. “Those are the cases that I will take most seriously.” Mayes would not elaborate on the status of the investigation or comment further. … Read more

Jack Smith’s Backup Option: Indict Trump In New Jersey

The Florida indictment of Donald Trump for his mishandling and wrongful retention of classified national defense documents under the Espionage Act, and for his obstruction of justice, contains five paragraphs of factual allegations of Trump disseminating classified defense information to persons without a security clearance to see the information, but the complaint does not contain … Read more