Black Home Ownership in Arizona

At the Arizona Legislative Black Caucus meeting on March 18, 2024, chaired by Representative Quanta Crews, the Arizona Office of Economic Opportunity outlined detailed data from the 2020 census about Black population and homeownership in Arizona.  Persons who identified in the category of “Black or African American alone” was 317,161. That totals 4.4% of the … Read more

Republicans – the Party of Business No More.

For the second session in a row, Republicans in the state legislature have introduced bills to prohibit consideration of Environmental, Social, and Governance issues (ESG) by government investments (SB1013) or financing institutions (SB1014 and SB1167). All three bills were passed by the Senate on party lines, and SB1013 has been passed by the House Government … Read more

Wage Gap and Reproductive Rights

March 12, right in the middle of Women’s History Month and four days after International Women’s Day, was Equal Pay Day. Women must work until March 12 to catch up to what white men were paid by December 31, 2023. Women are still paid 78% of white men’s pay, with little change seen since the … Read more

Panic in the aisle; death in the street; prison in the wings.

Bills have been introduced in the state legislature to deal with an alleged shoplifting epidemic especially by retail gangs. The problem is it’s not true and even if it were, it’s the wrong solution. Shoplifting has increased but you cannot look at year-on-year changes because shoplifting decreased 60% during the pandemic. The pandemic dramatically increased … Read more

Reconstruction after the Civil War and after the Civil Rights Movement

It was immediately evident after the Civil War that assistance would be needed from the North for the South to rebuild not just physical infrastructure but a whole new legal and social system. Reconstruction governments established public schools, passed laws to allow plantation laborers more power, made taxation more equitable, and outlawed racial discrimination.   After … Read more