Community Reinvestment Act – Let’s Make it Work

The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) was passed in 1977 under President Jimmy Carter to end racially discriminatory practices in real estate and lending including redlining that was outlawed by the 1968 Fair Housing Act. Unfortunately, the practices prohibited by both federal laws are still occurring.   After 25 years, the CRA rules have been updated.  With the … Read more

Policing Pregnant Women

The Pregnancy Justice organization (formerly National Advocates for Pregnant Women) released their updated report on the criminalization of pregnant women in September.  Kavattur, Purvaja S, et al. (Somjen Frazer, Abby El- Shafei, Kayt Tiskus, Laura Laderman, Lindsey Hull, Fikayo Walter-Johnson, Dana Sussman, and Lynn M. Paltrow) The Rise of Pregnancy Criminalization: A Pregnancy Justice Report, New … Read more