In 2023, We Have to Start Thinking About … 2031?

In 2020 the decennial census was held, and in 2021, states readjusted their legislative and Congressional boundaries. It’s now 2023, and it will be another 8 years before this process is repeated. So, there’s nothing to do about this now, right? Wrong. While we won’t yet know the details of 2030’s demographic changes, we need … Read more

Left/right or in/out?

Left vs right Is left vs right really the battle these days? Arizona House Speaker Ben Toma has characterized Governor Hobbs’ budget proposal as a ““left wing wish list” . But how appropriate is this 1-D thinking these days?. And are politicians like Mark Finchem or Wendy Rogers really right-wing, or are they something else? … Read more

2022: Quite the year!

In the Dec 29 Washington Post, Jonathan Alter wrote an article titled, “Why 2022 was a very good year.”  I think it’s definitely worth a read. As liberals, we tend to focus on all the ways that we failed to reach our preferred outcomes. For instance, here in Arizona, we didn’t reach a majority (or … Read more