Rumble, Roar, Whimper, Whine, Win: Activists Outnumber Extremists on a Prescott Summer Sunday

It started with a rumble, increased to a roar, and ended with a whimper and some whine. College Republicans United (CRU), a right-wing extremist fringe group that’s not officially associated with a college or with the GOP at any level hosted their 3-hour Second Annual National Conference (s’cuse me while I snicker) in Prescott, Arizona, … Read more

Yavapai County Liberals Emerge From Hiding

Visitors driving through Yavapai County might rightfully assume that it’s all MAGAts and red/white/blue faketriotism, but liberals are everywhere and growing bolder. From Bagdad to Black Canyon City, Seligman to Sedona, and every burg and burb in between, Democrat, Progressive, Indivisible, and Unaffiliated voices are joining to drown out the red noise and speak truth … Read more