Rx for Political Poison: Vote Now! Turn in Those Early Ballots

Polluted, degraded, shameful and poisoned. That’s what our elections in Arizona and nationally have become. Finger-point we must to the MAGA extremist whose strategy is to divide with suspicion, hate and misinformation. But those of us in the middle, on the left and progressive bear some responsibility too. Would we be in this cauldron of … Read more

Not-So-Random Primary Election Thoughts

And the Honor Goes To In this primary season across the US, no other state has nominated more Trump endorsed candidates to the top state-wide offices than – drumroll please – Arizona. Yes, in the past decades, we had right-wing conservatives who institutionalized “the-us-vs-POC” politics of SB 1070, the teachings of Joe Arpaio and redistricting … Read more

Trump’s “American Carnage” Presidency Green Lights Arizona’s MAGA Republican’s Extremism

By Ron Williams, editor, The Mule News editorthemulenews.com US Rep. Jamie Raskin, (D-MD), at the close of a recent Jan 6th Congressional hearing, speculated the destruction, injuries and death on that day in 2021, were presaged by President Trump’s reference to “American Carnage” at his inaugural address in 2017. The four years of Trump’s presidency … Read more

AZ Supreme Court Ruling Puts Democracy on Life Support

    By Ron Williams, Editor, The Mule News The Arizona Supreme Court’s recent ruling to block Prop 307 from the 2022 ballot is another – and more lethal – attack on our Democracy. This time, it is from a Ducey-packed judicial branch that simultaneously usurped: our democratic legislative process by imposing an income tax … Read more