The Roots of Trump-World are in Racism

America has always had a vile underbelly. In every era, a portion of the populace has embraced this underbelly—approximately 33%. These citizens, 99% White, seem to be perpetually immature and bereft of public ethics. Unfortunately, this underbelly of Trump-world denizens is embedded in America’s DNA. It was undoubtedly prominent among White citizens who championed “Manifest … Read more

Today’s Confederacy Festers in Trump Terrorists

After the Civil War, Confederates spun a tale claiming they lost their treasonous insurrection because they had erred in tactics. Also, they said, the North had more economic and military resources. Rather than confess the bankruptcy of their political, economic, and religious culture, they embraced these diversions. This same Confederacy is today embodied in Trump/Pence-world … Read more

Finding Smartness, Intelligence, and Wisdom in America’s Presidents

In choosing a President, or any person for leadership responsibilities, there are important distinctions to be kept in mind. The consequences of understanding these distinctions are monumental. Indeed, they are history-shaping. Consider these distinctions: Smartness is the ability to manipulate information, events, and people — literally, to get what one wants. There are plenty of smart … Read more

Trumpists Have Fallen Under a Toxic Spirit

The real problem is not Trump, but Trump supporters. Weeks after the election they remain non-astute and adverse to reality, which Trump cons to pitch-perfect perfection. Trumpism has long been with us. Of course, some form of Trump-world has always festered in the sad underbelly of American life. It thrived during the Confederacy, slavery, Jim … Read more