Lots of Arizona statewide races to report on, so the simplest way now is to just check the Arizona Sec. of State’s website for the latest results/updates:


Leading – all Republicans for these Arizona statewide races:

Governor, Sec. of State, Attorney General, Treasurer, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Corporation Commission (2 seats), State Mine Inspector. (Incumbents in these races: Governor, AG, one Corporation Commissioner, Mine Inspector.)  Voter turnout was 46.8%

One to watch is Superintendent of Public Instruction (too close to call):

Kathy Hoffman (D)   830,676

Frank Riggs (R)   837,396

U.S. Senate seat (Jeff Flake stepping down)

Martha McSally (R)  850,043

Krysten Sinema (D)  834,135

CD 1:

Tom O’Halleran (D incumbent)   111,854

Wendy Rogers (R) 97,929

CD 2:

Ann Kirkpatrick (D)  125,349

Lea Marquez Peterson  (R)  109,759

CD 3:

Raul Grijalva (D incumbent)  78,308

Nick Pierson (R)  49,331

Go to same website for updates on the other CD races (4 to 9), Arizona Senate races, as well as House of Representatives (2 each) in LD 1 to 30.  Pay attention to the Southern Arizona races in LD 2, 3, 9,10, 11, 14. Democrats winning in LD 2, 3, 9 and 10.

As for local School Bd. races in TUSD, and Pima Community College, go to www.pima.gov/elections for results.  Turnout was 54.59%

TUSD races for 2 seats:

Leila Counts  53,718

Adelita Grijalva, incumbent  46,028

Adam Ragan  33,834

Michael Hicks, incumbent  33,824

Doug Robson 24,577

PCC Governing Bd. race:

District 3

Maria Garcia (widow of the late LD 27 Senator Jorge Garcia) 20,843

Vikki Marshall, former Bd. member  18,509

District 5 (too close to call)

Luis Gonzales (not the incumbent), husband of LD 3 Senator-elect Sally Gonzales  16,986

Debi Chess Mabie  16,826

Info also online on which Propositions are winning, and which judges.

Yes:  125, 126, 306, 407

No: 127, 305, 408, 463

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