Eariler this week, Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett announced that more than 600,000 ballots from Tuesday’s election had yet to be counted. According to the Wednesday Arizona Daily Star the breakdown is:

Maricopa County: 460,000

Pima County: 80,000


Pinal County: 27,000

Coconino County: 11,000

Navajo County: 5,600

Gila County: 3,400

Apache County: 2,457

Cochise County: who knows? (And why don’t they know?)

The 2012 Arizona election is one for the record books with the vast numbers of uncounted ballots, the largest number of provisional ballots ever, pre-election suppression of Latino vote in Maricopa County, polling place misinformation spread by Jeff Flake’s campaign, questions about the integrity of Pima County’s voting machines, and evidence that the Pima County Elections Department asked for and was granted permission by Bennet not to follow state law when processing ballots. (How many other counties were given a pass on the law by Bennett? An image of the letter is after the jump.)

Now, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is using Arizona– and specifically Pima County– as the poster child for need for election reform– because Pima has a history of voter suppression. (Us?)

In 2008, the ACLU named Pima County #1 in the country for voter suppression when F. Ann Rodreguez’s department threw out 18% of the provisional ballots– rather than spend the estimated 45 minutes per ballot to verify addresses. (Why was she re-elected?) We can’t let this happen again. This year we must hold her feet to the fire. Every provisional ballot must counted. If you are one of the 1000s of Pima residents whose vote has not been counted, go here to check on your early ballot and go here to check on your provisional ballot.

After the jump, watch Maddow skewer Arizona for having more than 600,000 uncounted votes. No one should concede until all ballots have been counted. Today’s Arizona Daily Star said that could take another week. We need election reform.