“Back door voucher” earns its name

by David Safier
Supporters of private school tuition tax credits can get a little testy when you call the credits "vouchers," "back door vouchers" or, as they're referred to in the title of a recently published book, "neovouchers." Supporters know that's what they are, but they also know vouchers have been ruled unconstitutional in many states, and polls always show the public is against them. They want to build a sturdy semantic wall to separate credits from vouchers.

But I don't know what else you can call the new tax credit legislation being talked about by R legislators. The idea is to boost the amount of money that can go for tax credits so disabled students and students in foster homes can attend private schools on the taxpayers' dime.

These children were getting vouchers until the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that unconstitutional. "So," the Rs say, "if we can't give them vouchers through the front door, let's sneak the vouchers through the back door."

Back door vouchers. That's what they are, pure and simple. If the term fits, wear it!

0 responses to ““Back door voucher” earns its name

  1. Jack the Griper

    And who is once again sponsoring the money out of the general fund? The guy that puts it in his fund, Rep. Yarborough. He’s only made over a million dollars in salary as one of the heads of the largets STO. http://www.acsto.org

  2. I am curious to know exactly which private schools serve disabled students. Most Special Education students attend public schools because public schools have the capacity and the personnel to deal with the many needs of the disabled. So my questions are: who are these disabled children and what private schools do they attend?

  3. Francine Shacter

    Arizona Republicans hate public schools and would be happy to dismantle public education in Arizona – it is just that simple. “We” can’t let them do that – the “we” is in quotes because I believe that is not a uniform Republican view. Rather, it is very clearly the view of Arizona Republican legislators. I would be happy to honor any Arizona Republican legislator who wants to work for the soundness of our public school system!