Barber on CNN: “I want to see legislation”


by David Safier

Congressman Barber talked with Soledad O'Brien on CNN this morning. He spoke strongly against the availability of assault-like weapons and extended clips. He also spoke about providing better services for mental health.

Here's what Barber said about 2 minutes in:

"I want to see legislation enacted that takes away the availability of these kinds of weapons that can do so much harm in a short period of time. . . . For me, as a member of Congress, as a person who has been through a shooting tragedy where the extended clip issue was present, and as a grandfather, I have to stand up and be counted on this, and I'm going to do everything I can to make sure we limit the firepower and that we get services to people with mental illness. We have to do both."

It was a good statement, one I hope Barber will repeat, and personalize as much as he can, on other national news programs.

You can watch the interview below the fold.



  1. The difference between the ability to spread a wide range of fire quickly with a single 30 round magazine in an assault rifle and 5 x 6 round magazines in a non-assault rifle is minimal. Given that the shooter isn’t under fire or assault, it doesn’t take all that long to drop out one 6 round magazine and jam in another.

    Just about as deadly in close quarters is something like my 9mm CZ75 with its 16 round magazine. With a some practice it’s easy enough to fire off the first mag, drop it out and slam in the second (they come with two) and have the same power as an assault rife when it comes to taking down helpless people, like children or people listening to Gabby Giffords.

    I think you need to go up to Gunsite in Paulden and talk with some professionals there.