Ben Halloran wants to continue his career of Service as the Kyrene Constable


There probably are not many constables in the United States that know how to work around nuclear weapons and also have a career in law enforcement.

Kyrene has had one such person as their constable since being appointed by the Maricopa Board of Supervisors in April 2019.

His name is Ben Halloran and he wants to continue his career of serving others as the Kyrene Constable after the November 2020 elections.

A native and resident of Illinois, Constable Halloran entered the Air Force when he was just 17 and worked in the United States and abroad in the nuclear weapons division. He also served for a time in the Air National Guard.

After his military service, he began a career in law enforcement that included duties as a policeman, detective, forensics unit chief of staff and major case narcotics

After leaving law enforcement, Constable Halloran spent time as a Securities and Special Investigator for an insurance company.

Retiring to Arizona with his wife, Ines, in 2013, Halloran was drawn back into service when he was appointed to the position of Kyrene Constable.

The Halloran’s have two sons and a German Shepard Mix Dog named Jack.

Constable Halloran discussed the duties of the Kyrene Constable, his experiences, and what he hopes to accomplish if he wins the election in 2020.

The questions and his responses are below.

  • Please tell the reader what are at least two major responsibilities of the Kyrene Constable?

“ The most important duty is dealing with orders of protection (like in the cases of restraining or removal because of abuse.) We will do those before anything else.”

 “ Our other primary duty is the execution and enforcement of other court orders including evictions and other writs of execution and court summons.”

  • Please tell the reader two reasons you would like to continue as the Kyrene Constable?

“My background and experience have prepared me to do a solid job as a Constable. We all want to do something we are good at and I think I am the best fit for the Kyrene precinct. I enjoy working and appreciate the opportunity for this public service.”

  • Please tell the reader what have been two aspects of the Constable position that you enjoy.

 “The people within my agency and the Kyrene Justice courts. They are such a good group of people that work well together and go above and beyond the level of service and collaboration. Also the relationships with people such as apartment management and the ones I meet while working.”

  • Please tell the reader what have been two aspects of the Constable position you would like to improve.

“Working with the other law enforcement agencies and overall coordination with them. Also, the identification of resources and education about what is available for coordination and use. “

  • Please tell the reader what two qualifications or attributes, other than experience, you bring to the Constable position.

“My dedication to perform the constable role to the best of my ability. Also my compassion towards the people and animals (mainly dogs and cats that are abandoned) I have to deal with.”

  • If elected in 2020, what would be two goals for the Constable position you would focus on in 2021?

“To continue to develop relationships with the other law enforcement agencies and greater professional training such as some for this Coronavirus, to help us all be better equipped.”

 For more information on Ben Halloran and the Maricopa Constable’s Department, please click here.





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