Biden/Harris Campaign Releases Another Ad Highlighting Donald Trump’s War on Women’s Reproductive Freedom

From Florida-Phoenix

With MAGA Republicans hailing the Florida Supreme Court’s authorization of that state’s MAGA-sanctioned six-week abortion ban, the Biden/Harris campaign unleashed another ad, called “Trust” attacking the person, whose Supreme Court nominees, made these draconian attacks on women’s reproductive freedom possible.

The ad, narrated by President Joe Biden himself, starts with Donald Trump, during an interview, patting himself on the back for being the President responsible, after 54 years of failed attempts, for getting rid of Roe V Wade, saying, “I did it. I’m proud to have done it.”

The current President then reminds the viewers that Donald Trump campaigned on the promise to overturn Roe v Wade in 2016 and “Now, in 2024, he’s running to pass a national ban on a woman’s right to choose.”

The ad then has a close-up of Mr. Biden running to make Roe v Wade “The law of the land again so women have a federal guarantee to the right to choose.”

The President closes by saying:

“Donald Trump doesn’t trust women. I do.”

Commenting on the recent developments in red states like Florida, where allowing the six-week ban may have the effect of putting the state in play for the Democrats and the ad, Biden/Harris Campaign Manager Julie Chavez-Rodriguez commented:

“Donald Trump overturning Roe is the reason millions of women across the country cannot access lifesaving health care – and as this ad shows, Trump’s proud of what he’s done Now Trump wants to go further and ban abortion nationwide if he’s elected – depriving women of the fundamental right to make their own health care decisions and putting lives at risk. On the heels of Florida’s extreme abortion ban going into effect, women across the country are seeing firsthand that our rights are on the line this election, and President Biden and Vice President Harris are the only candidates who will fight like hell to protect a woman’s right to choose.”

This ad is also applicable to the Grand Canyon State as well.

Last week, Donald ‘I killed Roe v Wade’Trump endorsed election denier and Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli for a position on the Board of County Supervisors in Mohave County.

This is the same Sonny Borrelli who said last month that women should stick aspirin between their legs to prevent becoming pregnant.

He, along with every other Republican, in the Arizona State Legislature, also voted against protecting access to contraception.

How Middle Ages is that?

Commenting on the Trump endorsement of Borrelli, Arizona Democratic Coordinated Campaign senior advisor Jen Cox stated:

“Trump ripped away women’s freedom to make their own health care decisions by overturning Roe v. Wade, and now, he’s endorsing his MAGA Republican allies who are going even further to block protections for birth control. The majority of Arizonans reject these assaults on women’s freedoms. We’re tired of Trump and his allies’ relentless crusade to ban abortion and limit access to reproductive care. Arizonans deserve leaders like President Biden who take seriously their duty to protect our rights, not the ridiculous and offensive suggestion we put ‘[aspirin] between [our] knees.'”

President Biden is right.

This election is a matter of who you can trust to protect reproductive freedom and women’s health care.

Donald Trump, through his words and actions like helping to place three Anti-Choice nominees on the highest court in the land, has shown it is not him.

Voters need to remember that when they vote on November 5, 2024.

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