In modern United States History, new Presidents, in their inaugural address, generally say one line or two acknowledging the service of their immediate predecessor.

In Joe Biden’s case, that may change. Instead of lying and praising Donald Trump’s service to the country, Biden may be better off saying “book him Danno.”


In taking office, the incoming Biden/Harris Administration should not take the forgiving attitude towards its immediate predecessors that the Obama/Biden Administration did.

As a July 2020 article in Vanity Fair reminded the American People, the incoming Obama/Biden Administration in 2009 wanted to unite and heal the country after the disastrous economic and foreign policy miscalculations and criminal acts of members and allies of the Bush/Cheney Administration.

They decided not to encourage investigations and prosecutions of those people that put the country through hell.

History shows that decision was unwise and frankly naive.

The bad guy, if warranted, always needs to be held accountable and made to pay for any criminal acts he or she is found to have been committed.

Even if the bad guy was the President of the United States.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris should not repeat the mistakes of the Obama/Biden Administration.

In addition to the probable investigations Mr. Trump faces in New York and now Georgia, they should sanction the creation of a special counsel or independent commission to investigate all allegations against Donald Trump and his Administration.

If Donald Trump and his cronies (probable accomplices) refuse to cooperate, they should be cited for contempt and thrown in jail.

The actions of Donald Trump and his Black Shirts can not be swept under the rug.

The guilty need to be punished for the harm they caused to the American Democratic Republic.

Their bad acts need to be exposed for, if anything, to maybe convince some of those in the Trump Zone to stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

This investigation and its results would pave the road to restoring confidence in our Democracy and healing the Nation better than taking the forgiving and forget naivete of the Obama/Biden Administration.

Hopefully, President-Elect Joe Biden will remember that lesson from history and act differently this time.