Black + White + Red All Over

What is black and white and read all over?  Answer to this question used to be newsprint/newspapers. But we at Blog for Arizona don’t print the news, we’re just online now….so this doesn’t apply to us.


But it does apply to a creative new art show entitled ” Black + White + Red All over”at Haunted Hands Gallery opening on Saturday September 6, 6 to 9 p.m.  It’s located at 6th Ave. and 6th Street,  439 N. 6th Avenue on the SW corner.

This show is described as ” new linoprints by Martin Quintanilla and cut paper by Marcy Miranda Janes, intended to answer the age-old question. or maybe just confuse the matter further”.  If you haven’t seen attorney Marcy’s exquisite, intricate, amazing cut paper art (like the image above), you should drop by on Saturday.  You will be stunned.



One response to “Black + White + Red All Over

  1. Exquisite paper art by Marcy, esp. her “Cardinal directions” of four red cardinal birds surrounded by black leaves with the four seasons words cut out in the leaf patterns. Very clever. Some of her husband Martin’s best Dia de los Muertos (skulls) work is in this show as well, and also an unusual “Tiki Tucson” b/w linocut. Standing room only when I was there tonight at this reception. Congrats Marcy and Martin.