Blind Congressional Candidate Buys a Gun, No Questions Asked

James Woods

In Arizona, even if you are totally blind, you can buy a gun at a gun show– no questions asked– for as little as $100.

James Woods, who is running for Congress against incumbent Republican Matt Salmon (CD5), is a bold progressive candidate. He has made national headlines by sending Woods for Congress condoms labeled “Prevent Abortions” to anti-abortion groups when they asked for his support on anti-choice legislation, and proudly declares himself as a humanist. Now the “blind visionary” is taking on gun show loopholes.


  1. There is nothing “loophole” about it, it was specifically written into law that way. To call it a “loophole” is to imply that somehow the writers of the law overlooked it. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

    As to a blind person buying a gun: Why shouldn’t he be able to do so? If he can legally purchase it, why deprive him of his 2nd Amendment right? He might collect firearms. Or, he might have purchased it for self defense. In a pitch black house at night, he is as capable of handling a firearm as anyone else. The Army trained me to shoot firearms in pitch black circumstances where I was completely blind. It is not as hard as it sounds to actually use a handgun accurately based upon your other senses.

    And maybe he just wanted to buy it…it is his right and I am surprised people on this sight would criticize a disabled person for doing something they are perfectly entitled to do. Who are you to judge such a person based upon your fear of guns and distrust of a handicapped person?

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